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  1. ms.p says

    i started my price book but I take my grocery receipt and find the prices that way and then items and I have list of prices that I need I take list to the store. With summer break just around the corner. This will be helpful

    • Tiffany says

      It sounds like great timing Ms. P! Hopefully this little book will be easier to keep and maintain as you shop! :)

  2. Sherryl says

    I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but have made it too complicated in my mind (thinking I had to track EVERYTHING). I’m going to give this a go starting now since we have six grocery stores, a wholesale club, three discount retail stores, a small health food/holistic store, and a small farmer’s market in season where we can purchase our groceries, and I can use an easy way to see which provide the best prices. All of these, by the way, are within a 5 mile radius. Thanks for the motivation and for simplifying this so I can connect it now in my mind :)

    Do you make a notation when you purchase an item and it is on sale, or do you just record the price you pay and call it a day? I do feel like I should note if the price is a sale price vs. regular, but am curious if you have experience doing it that way.


    • Tiffany says

      Hi Sherryl! I can COMPLETELY relate! I tend to over-complicate things too, which in the end deter me (or at least make me dread starting). Personally, I would put a little start (*) by it to annotate that it was a sale. This way I know not to expect it regularly, but if I stumble across it again, to buy a few extras. :)

  3. Samantha says

    Do you need to go to each store, buy the item, and then track these prices? I don’t want to buy at Walmart one week, Walgreen the next, and CVS the next if I’m going to be paying a lot more at one of those stores. So I guess what I’m asking is if I just need to walk through each store and record a few items or actually buy the item. lol sorry if that was confusing!

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Samantha! Heavens, no! Start with the receipts you already have. Then the next time you’re at a store – any store – update 5-10 of the prices of the things you most commonly buy. You don’t have to actually buy them either when you’re updating prices – just write down what the shelf says. You can make the most of the trip though by checking items you’re NOT buying that day, since you’ll have the receipt when you get home for the things you did buy. After a few weeks, you’ll have quite a collection and great material for comparison!

  4. Tiffany says

    This is awesome! I tried to do hard-core couponing a while ago, but just confused myself because I could never figure out if the coupon made it worth buying brand name or if the generic, store version was cheaper. This will help me to see which is cheaper & if the coupons are actually worth the time!

    Plus, like someone else said, we have SEVERAL stores close-by. Several friends have told me to shop elsewhere because my store is the most expensive. Now I can try both & I’ll have my answer!

    Thank you!

    • Tiffany says

      You’re most welcome Tiffany! The stores closer are so much more convenient, but even the ‘expensive’ stores have their hidden gems. :)

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