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    • Tiffany says

      Yes Dena, it absolutely can! It can go from freezer to oven without any preheating or special treatment. It’s the all-purpose pizza stone, so to speak!

  1. says

    YUM! Okay, I need a slice of grilled pizza right now! Whenever I think of grilling pizza I always picture cheese dripping all over the grill, but this makes so much sense….I just need a ceramic stone. Thanks for the tip, giveaway, and recipe.

    • Tiffany says

      Your image of cheese dripping was our worst nightmare! Take my advice and skip our mistake – go straight to the stone, lol. :)

  2. says

    I had never thought of pizza on the grill (sad, I know). I hope I win the giveaway, but if I don’t I will be buying one of these stones!

  3. Cheryl Choinski says

    Can’t wait to try some Northern Michigan pizza outside grilled on a stone. Thanks for the chance.

  4. Deborah says

    I too am hungry right now for a grilled pizza ! I would love to win but if not may have to invest in one of these anyway. Looks delish! Deborah

  5. Betty says

    Tiffany, thank you very much for the opportunity to win some very nice prizes. My husband and I pledge to cook outdoors many times this week. I also like that a school will benefit from this giveaway offer. This is wonderful! Also, your pizza recipe is yummy. I just tried it night before last. Two thumbs up and a happy belly was had by my husband and me.

    • Tiffany says

      You’re most welcome Betty! I like that the schools benefit too – win win! Great news that you guys like our pizza. We don’t have any heartburn or indigestion issues when we go homemade. Did you guys have the same experience?

  6. Katie says

    I’m going to laugh at you and your heat wave JUST A LITTLE. We’ve had many a day in the nineties already, and the eighties are downright spring-like! Summer will bring 100+ temps with full-on humidity and nary a beach in sight. But don’t worry. We only make fun of you because we’re jealous. 😉

    More relevantly, we now make pizza in our toasted oven. We make EVERYTHING in our toaster oven, because it is awesome and our oven is awful. Honestly it’s so hot outside here that the grill does not have nearly the lure it did in my home state of New Mexico. But in my head it sounds lovely, and during spring and fall it’s a favorite. Thanks for the rec!

    • Tiffany says

      LOL – I’m fully expecting a full on laugh. You know when we first moved here, it was 93. We moved from TX and just spent two days driving through the desert in June. 93 felt like such a relief!! Now we sweat and complain. Yes indeed, we’ve adjusted. :)

      I understand not grilling in the heat of summer too. In TX, the grill was always in the shade simply b/c it was too hot otherwise! If you get the chance, grilled pizza is not only yummy, but truly a lot of fun. With all the ingredients prepped, the whole family can chime in with their favorite pies. I envision having a birthday pizza party outside by a pool one day… now I just need a pool!

      • Katie says

        People always think I should be used to it, coming from New Mexico, but that dry hear vs. humid heat thing makes a BIG difference! I’ll take high desert over the “great” plains any day.

        Ahhh, a pool… Maybe when I have children old enough not to throw themselves in to drown like lemmings. And the budget for a Pool Maintenance Man. 😉

        So my normal pizza stone should work on the grill, if I’m careful as described? (In case I don’t win the shiny ceramic one!)

          • Katie says

            Stone. I’m pretty sure. One of those tan ones, like from Pampered Chef only it’s not.

          • Tiffany says

            Hmmm… well with that type of stone, I wouldn’t recommend it, but you’re welcome to try. I have a friend who had something similar to what you describe and she had two stones crack in the oven, despite following the warm-up cool-down rule. I can’t imagine it fairing better over the grill, with the addition of the higher temperature and the faster rate at which the grill warms up. That’s partially why we ended up with the stone we have in the oven. If you had a very thick stone (at least 1/2″ thick), I’d feel more hopeful. Then again, if the stone is fairly inexpensive and you’ve got your eye on replacing it anyway, it might be worth the experiment. 😉

    • Tiffany says

      I couldn’t agree more! Can’t you just see it all on a bright, warm sunny day?

      Yeesh. This day dreaming is killing me! 😉

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