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  1. Xenia says

    Our camping list changes depending on our sleeping arrangements. If we are taking a caravan we can take many more things (even a small fridge) but if we are just taking a tent in the car, then we need to go frugal! I love our all-in-one camping set, which is a big round metal container, that doubles as pot and pan, which contains plates, cups, cutlery and drainer inside. It is very useful when you don’t have much room! In relation to food, we go for ’embutido’, which is basically all kinds of dried meat and cold cuts (sausages, parma ham, and stuff like that) which is very handy cause it doesn’t need fridge (not very healthy though). And for the larger meals, we eat either pasta or rice. I also like carrying some frozen soup. It works as icing packs in the cooler and by night it has unfrozen and it is ready to be cooked and eaten. And we love a hot soup for those cold nights at the mountains!

      • Kris Mays says

        No, but I have family in the Bay Area (where I’m from) who frequent that spot. We aren’t too far away in Southern Oregon, so we’ll have to plan a trip, sometime.

        • Tiffany says

          It will be well worth your time Kris. We’re trying to plan another vacation at the end of the summer, and considering going back – it was THAT amazing!

  2. Christine hess says

    A very timely post for me! We will be camping in Acadia in just a few weeks. Can you share your biscuit recipe? They look so nice on the griddle!

    • Tiffany says

      They’re REALLY good Christine – tempting to cook them on the griddle even at home! I’ll have a biscuit recipe for you tomorrow!

  3. Gina says

    Oh this is perfect! We are going camping this week! Doing the shopping tonight. Our first time as a family. It’s a group thing though and breakfast and dinners will be provided,but lunches on our own. Also breakfast is later so we probably will have a little something when we get up. Really like the biscuit idea. Can you provide either a recipe or the link for the recipe you used-pretty please? My husband wants to make cheeseburgers for lunch so thinking of freezing the meat as you suggested.

  4. Sharon says

    This is all good info and very helpful! My one suggestion would be to cook the bacon ahead of time and reheat on the griddle. Then there is no grease to deal with and cooked bacon does not need refrigeration. I love camping and wish I could go more often :-)

    • Tiffany says

      Not a bad idea Sharon! We didn’t mind the grease, and even thought of straining it right into the cast iron skillet so we could fry potatoes and onions later. Except that the skillet wouldn’t fit underneath the griddle, lol. Maybe next time we’ll rig it up differently. :)

  5. Shelley says

    I loved this post! I am a minimalist and I have children with food allergies, so many posts just aren’t helpful to us. You know- take the cake mix and top with an orange crush. We can’t do that. But all of your ideas are ones that we could use. And I loved how you tried to limit equipment- I read some lists and i get tired just reading them, most people pack way too much. Thank you!

  6. Kim says

    Ha, Lassen park and Burney falls? I live about an hour, hour and a half from both of those. Gorgeous places. If you didn’t, go explore the subway tunnels next time.

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