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  1. Heather says

    These are great ideas!! I especially enjoyed the one about searching out the best parks. I would LOVE to go down the 3 story slide! I pinned this to remember when we have children :)

  2. Jennifer says

    Great post! Hikes–yes! I insist on carrying the kiddo in the backpack so I can get a little extra workout. Gardening is a great outdoor activity for the whole family, too. My son copies everything I do with his mini shovel and tools. If I can just get him to realize Mom only prunes dead plant parts, not GREEN, and tomatoes need to turn orange before we pick them, ugh!

    I love water sources. We live near the beach, but I love traipsing around the little creeks and the bayside seeking out creatures. So fun! And fishing! We love to go fishing, and talk about a frugal dinner.

    When it’s raining we still have the covered patio to play games or do puzzles. My son can get cranky, and after we walk out the door he just seems to come to life. Me, too.

  3. Kyle says

    These are good ideas (too bad there aren’t any beaches in Utah) but problems arise when an 18- to 30-month old is thrown into the mix—especially one that screams to get down and walk on her own whenever it’s least inconvenient and safe. My wife and I always start off with a really optimistic, can-do attitude to bringing very-young kids on outdoor activities, but the activity inevitably turns into a game of appeasing the baby, babysitting while the others have fun, cutting short the activity, and going home more stressed than before. Yet I still plod forward dragging my family on new activities that have the possibility of succeeding where others have failed (yes, I know that the activity itself isn’t to blame, but you get my meaning). It’s conceivable that these kind of activities will just have to wait until the youngest is a bit older. The boys (now ages nine and four) were always great at just taking in Utah’s great scenery as babies. They were happy to just be outside! I’m sure my daughter will get to that point, but I’m DYING to just go and do ANYTHING that all of the family at least attempts to enjoy. We’ve already visited the dinosaur parks/museums, the one zoo, and similar attractions so much that the kids get bored after ten minutes.
    I think my last bastion of hope lies in boating and fishing. I think the youngest might put up with floating around a lake. She’d have to be strapped in/on the boat of course, and she’d need to be close enough to the water to splash. I’ve hat a 15-foot catamaran for several years that I’m thinking of converting into a quasi-fishing/recreation boat. Canoes proved to be too tipsy when we tried to take the boys out on a lake. A inflatable raft is safe and comfortable but a bugger to paddle, especially when there is any wind. So, a catamaran with no mast, netting between the hulls in front of the tramp, and a little electric outboard might be great. The only problem? I HAVE NOTHING TO TOW THE BOAT WITH!!! Arrrgh!

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