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  1. says

    I have wanted to try a 10 day fast (without the Master Cleanse protocol) but keep getting a lot of negative feedback. But reading this article– twice even- has convinced me to give it a try. I am excited to make my plans (buh bye diet coke and coffee!! hello water!)

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Rebecca! your fast will be significantly easier if you cut out caffeine well before you begin your fast. Also, many experienced “fasters”, recommend a raw diet 2-3 days in advance to ease some of the detox symptoms in Days 1-3. It definitely makes sense after going through the ordeal.

      Also, there are so many different types of fasts out there. You can start out with an easy one, or jump straight into the extreme. I prefer the smoothie route, while Mr. Crumbs is usually more extreme.

      If you visit youtube, you’ll find a lot of personal testimonies and video diaries of people attempting all sorts of fasts – even up to 40+ days (to extreme for us). Some of them are really encouraging and will help keep you motivated.

      Good luck with your fast!

      • Giovanni says

        I know a pure water fast is, well, only water but the symptoms might be overwhelming and work against you keep the fast. I’ve noticed in my 3-day fasts that drinking a bit of green tea or sugar-free coffee helped to overcome some symptoms. On a 7-day water fast it was essential to keep me going. I will work on the caffeine addiction at a later moment :)

  2. Leona Davison says

    I’m chicken! I don’t think I’ll ever do a fast of any kind. I only “fast” when I have to go for a blood test my doctor has prescribed.

    Signed by,
    Human Spammer,

    • Tiffany says

      The mental point of view going into the fast is crucial. It seems hard, but if you keep your purpose at the forefront, it becomes MUCH easier. That and spending lots of time outside of the kitchen! ~Tiffany

  3. says

    Very informative posts! Mr. Crumbs touched on the process of reintroducing solid food. Did you have to follow the same protocol with the smoothie fast?

    • Tiffany says

      Reintroducing foods after the smoothie fast didn’t require nearly the protocol as a water fast. Since the digestive system doesn’t shut down 100%, there’s no need to “introduce” foods from the start again. However, my system was used to liquids in no more than 2 cups at a time, so in this regard, portions had to be small and the food had to be pure and simple. I concentrated on small portions of solid fruits and vegetables the day after and had one slice of homemade bread at dinner that first day as well.

      Lesson learned – we had a family dinner two days after my fast ended and I ate two onion rings – the fried batter did quite a nasty number on my system, and it was strange (in a good way) to have difficulty digesting when my stomach is usually made of steel. Next time I plan to avoid fried foods altogether for at least a week. Sticking to produce, whole grains, rice and small portions of meat would be ideal. ~Tiffany

  4. says

    This is so interesting. I love reading about fasting and I have tried a couple of times to fast for 36 hours but got so tired that I struggled to look after my baby. I have done a couple of smoothie fasts but in the future I do want to try water fasting again. I’m currently pregnant so I may have to wait a few years, but I totally agree, why wait until you’ve got cancer, prevent it while you can!

    • Tiffany says


      The mere idea of water fasting leaves me tired! I wonder if fasting affects men differently than women? My husband says the first few days were the hardest, mostly because your body is used to something (eating regularly) and it’s no longer getting it. I guess similar to withdrawals from a drug addiction, though not nearly as dangerous. Anyway, once he was past day 3, it was smooth sailing. Until the bread of course. 😉 Congratulations on the pregnancy! ~Tiffany

  5. says

    i’m not sure how i feel about this. i think the key to being healthy is eating right, moving your body more than you sit and avoiding scary GMO and chemically laden foods. surviving a week on water is not good for anyone. your body needs to eat and it needs calories. just my thoughts…

    thank you for sharing with us at the wednesday fresh foods link up! i hope to see you again this week with more seasonal & real/whole food posts! xo, kristy.

  6. says

    I found your post very interesting, but I do agree with Kristy. Having a history of anorexia in my teens I feel fasting is never a good idea – although I appreciate some people do it for religious reasons. It does seem that it works for you, and clearly it worked for the gentleman you recommended though.

  7. ozlem says

    Few questions about this post ffirst of all while I appreciate some concerns regarding anorexia I disagree that this post at all is intended to promote that the benefits of fasting have been well recognized and documented. I have a few questions I assume you did not exercise during thisbutdidyou stretch? And also I wonder if green tea decaf coffee along w water thank you!!

    • Tiffany says


      We’re pretty convinced that there are significant benefits to water fasting, but you’re right, given the stigma that it has in society, the benefits (from scientific sources, not personal experiences) are not well documented.

      There was no exercise at all during this fast. Simple stretches would have been ok, but my husband chose not too. He has tendonitis in his knee and was trying to allow that to rest as well. He had a glass of decaf tea (we had chamomile in the pantry) every couple days, just for variation. I don’t think that having one each day would detract much, if any, from the integrity of fasting (or the effects) since tea is herbs and pretty much water anyway. :) ~Tiffany

      • Michelle Marilyn says

        Hi I have done fasts in the past but they were more like raw food or smoothie fasts, not straight up water. I want to try this for ten days but have knee and hamstring tendonitis. You said your husband has knee tendonitis?…how did his knee react to the fast? Did it get worse or better? I’m worried it will make my injuries worse or that i may loose muscle mass which could put even more pressure on my tendons..any thoughts??

        • Mr. Crumbs says

          Hi Michelle,

          How did you get tendonitis? A fast probably can’t hurt or make tendonitis worse – it may actually help, by allowing your body to rest and heal itself (again I’m not a doctor).

          I’ve struggled with patella tendonitis know for just over a year due to running/biking almost every day. During the fast, most of the irritation went away, but that also could have been a result of resting.

          I’ve made adjustments to my bike, and stretch daily now, which has greatly helped with the tendonitis.

          Do you stretch often?

          A great resource for knee tendonitis is – I may build a slant board to help…

          Hope that helps !

  8. says

    I take my hat off to you, I could never go that long without food. I have tried, but my energy levels go through the floor and I just can’t operate anymore effectively. I have tried eating only 500 calories every other day, which works better for me and is supposed to offer similar beenfits. Thank you for sharing your fasting eperience with us and I hope to welcome you over at Seasonal Celebration again today! Rebecca @Natural Mothers Network x

    • Tiffany says


      My hat tips to my husband as well. You’ve piqued my interest on the every other day limited calorie idea – thanks for the tip! ~Tiffany

  9. Holly says

    This was very interesting. I’ve recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and have been looking into fasting because it is supposed to be helpful for long term care and healing of the colon. After reading Dr. Fuhrman’s book on fasting I would be scared to undertake a 10 day fast on my own. He very much favors a medically supervised fast as in some cases your potassium levels or other things can go wrong and you need constant monitoring to know you need to stop. Now my problem is how does one find a doctor to supervise a fast? This doesn’t sound like something a fmaily doctor would be in favor of.

    • Tiffany says


      I don’t know if you’ll find a regular MD doctor willing to supervise you during a fast, but you may have better luck with a holistic doctor or naturopath. I know my husband felt comfortable starting because he was is relatively good health, but he listened to his body when it came to physical activity and his body made it clear when it was time to stop. I don’t know I’d recommend undertaking a fast without supervision given your diagnosis, but making phone calls to local holistic doctors couldn’t hurt! Best of luck – please keep us updated on your progress! ~Tiffany

  10. Diane says

    Last year during Lent I did a full 40-day fast. I had always wanted to do it, but I never thought it was possible for me. I two days before Lent, it was decided, and I dove in fully committed. I had absolutely NOTHING but water — LOTS of it — and Eucharist at daily Mass. I had long been off of caffeine, I don’t drink anything but water (then and now), but I concur that the absolutely worst days were the first three, day 16, and day 30. On those days, I surely felt blessed to survive another day. On days 16 and 30 I overdid things in my daily schedule. I did too much activity and literally collapsed in a dizzy spell. After day 10 I recall feeling much like you describe your days 4-10, but I very much needed to move more slowly when standing and walking. I felt decent, but the energy wasn’t there to do much physical activity at all. Water was at my side and physically on me at all times. Will I do it again. I don’t think so. For me I set out on a spiritual journey that I feel led to; I wasn’t looking for it. Though I lost 40 pounds that I could stand to lose, but wasn’t actively seeking to lose, I lost what seemed like a ton of hair. I thank God that I was blessed with an extra thick head of hair. It is growing back, but most of my hair is probably 4 inches long, everything else is around 15 inches. It has been difficult to contend with during the last year! Health-wise, I feel GREAT. After the fast, I never felt better. My diet totally changed. My last meal before the fast was ooey-gooey pizza topped with everything toxic, today I eat nothing by fruits and vegetables, beans and greens, and lots of them! I definitely feel healthier and stronger than ever — though it did take me several months after the fast to regain my strength again. Now I’m doing well. Since then I have only attempted 1 and 3-day water fasts.

    • Tiffany says


      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story! 40 days is a HUGE undertaking and you’re only the second person I know to do it – congratulations for making it through! My husband felt great after his, but I can only imagine how wonderful it felt to make it through nearly 6 weeks, even though it does take time for your body to recover from that type of trial. And such a 180 from your old diet too – incredible! Your story makes me want to try a 3-day fast! (Baby steps for me. 😉 ) ~Tiffany

      • Diane says

        With my 40-day fast I had a lot of time to think about my next meal! Literally! That, and I did a lot of praying and reading when I would normally be eating. With such a long fast my sense of smell was in overdrive. I was smelling foods that I truly struggled to remember having smelled before. That clearing of my sinuses, along with other positive physical changes (like my back and feet stopped hurting, and I seemed totally detoxified in every way) changed my thinking on food. I read of the health benefits of foods, I discovered, and I decided to stay totally free and clear from every food that has harmful effects. I literally donated all food in my kitchen pantries, refrigerator, and two freezers. I should have thrown it in the garbage for the toxic waste that it was! Anyway, no milk, meat, cheese, butter, flour, sugar, etc. Nothing processed, ever, out of a family box or bag. Nothing remade unless I make it. Let me tell you, my first meal after the 40-day fast was freshly made tomatoes juice. Next I have freshly squeezed orange juice. My senses were in overdrive. My eyes told me what I was drinking but my mouth tasted these things pure for the first time. I had new tastebuds … everything was awesome … still is, but not to that degree. And that’s when the 3-day fast seems appropriate for me, when delicious natural foods have slightly lost their melt in my mouth deliciousness. Once detoxed to this degree, I didn’t want to waste the time and revert back to my old ways with food. I have a new lease on life

  11. Kinzie says

    “If fasting has the potential to treat and even possibly cure cancer, why isn’t this being evaluated more often instead of the latest and greatest drug?”

    The love of money is the root of all evil. Who would profit from the fasting approach? THAT’S why it’s not being evaluated on a large scale. Sad but true.

  12. Amy says

    I am actually planning on doing a juice fast, using freshly juiced fruits and veggies. I decided it would probably be best to do when I don’t have to worry about going to work every day, so I’m starting the fast on spring break, when I take my vacation. I still haven’t decided exactly how I’m going to do the fast though. On there are about 4 or 5 different methods of juice fasting. One of them you eat only fruits and veggies before the fast, and start replacing meals with juice. I only have 8 days off, so I figure I should start weaning myself of caffeine now and I’ve been trying to eat more veggies with my meals. My goal is to loose some weight and when I come off of the fast, to start eating a plant based vegan diet. I’ve been a vegetarian for over a year now, so I’m hoping the switch won’t be too difficult.
    Your blog entry was pretty helpful. It further validated my decision to do a fast. And it’s also made me realize I need to be careful when I start adding food back into my daily diet.

    • Diane says

      Dr. Joel Fuhrman at, though he supervised Joe in the referenced documentary, said that HE DOES NOT APPROVE of juice fasting for as long as Joe did in the documentary. The reason was that there was too much muscle wasting. Additionally, he said, in the long run it is eating the proper foods consistently and exercising regularly that ultimately determines your long-term weight and good health.

      On water fasting, Dr. Fuhrman says, “Total water fasting, is more aggressive and a more effective therapuetic intervention for certain conditions, such as ulcerative colitis, lupus, asthma and hypertension, but they have similar effects. Water fasting is generally done for shorter periods of time, and my main objection to juice fasting is that because it supplies glucose and people can function longer, they are encouraged to fast too long, without a protein source. When I was 20 years old, I water fasted too long as I trusted the health advisors supervising my fast, and I almost died from fasting that long, and it took me years to regain my strength, but that still would not make water fasting of more reasonable lengths not beneficial.”

      No one but God and His angels supervised my 40-day water fast, and I can tell you that I surely felt near death at times — and I truly felt cared for by angels! :) It was brutal — and I was stubborn to finish in no less than 40 days after I started. I would not recommend a long-term fast of any sort. The physical consequences after a long fast are not good, and long-term physical damage could occur. I didn’t ask, but no one could tell me differently before my fast — I was head strong — but I would be too scared to do it again. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t do it again — it is dangerous. Peace and prayers for your journey, d

      • Tiffany says


        Thank you for the thoughtful and concerning input to Crumb readers! We all appreciate it! ~Tiffany

    • Tiffany says


      Weaning yourself off of caffeine and eating a more plant-based diet before hand is a good way to prepare your body for the fast. I haven’t looked into juice fasting specifically, but I think it’s great that you’ve decided beforehand how long your fast will be – 8 days. You may want to aim for more vegetables than fruit during the fast, only because the high concentration of sugar in the fruits will be greatly multiplied in each glass of juice, plus the large amount of juice being consumed. Go slow when you eat again and always listen to your body! ~Tiffany

    • Sheril C says

      I did a 16 day juice fast a couple of years ago when I first saw the movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I did use his website that he had back then for its forums but I didn’t bother trying to pick one of the plans mentioned on it. I just ate food one day and then went to only juice the next day and stuck with it as long as I could. The only reason I quit when I did was that I found out that my gut was too damaged and that the juice was sending my IBS into a tremendous downward plummet. I developed yet another new food intolerance and I got off the juice.

      You always have to listen to your body and keep learning. You can do it. Just keep working to fine tune your understanding and your sense of yourself. It is a journey of many years to get healthy for some of us. But it is so totally worth it…and sometimes in really surprising ways. :)

  13. says

    Thanks for sharing your experience! Very inspiring indeed. A 10 day water fast has long been on my mind, although haven’t attempted one yet. My longest fast was a 6 day grape diet, I ate just grapes for 6 days. The original plan was to go on a grape fast/feast for 21 days, but being socializing and being around food, and people asking “may be you can just have one bite” led to my downfall. So I can toally relate to how you wouldn’t want to be around food while fasting. These days I have just incorporated fast into my daily routine. I eat one full meal a day (salad and baked sweet potato for dinner), and juicing and smoothies for breakfast and lunch. This has pretty much helped me free myself from addiction to various kinds of processed food, etc. The amount of lightness, joy and peace is just amazing.

    Also have you tried Sun gazing… is awesome, do look it up in my blog

    also check out my youtube channel if you feel drawn to

    cheers, :)
    Raw fit sungazer

    • Tiffany says

      Thanks for sharing your experience too! Is there any reason why you chose grapes for a fast/feast? ~Tiffany

      • Rawfitsungazer says

        Oh, I was told it was good for preventing/curing cancer; plus sweet grapes is one of my favorite foods :) that’s why.

        Btw Sorry for the long delay in replying…i’d forgotten the name of your blog;)

  14. Cali says

    I’ve fasted before and love it. Day 3 is always the hardest! I start fantasizing about food. I smell food everywhere and get cravings. I’m on day 3 right now…. ugh.

    But this is the motivation I needed to stick to it! Thank you so much!

    • Tiffany says

      Hang in there Cali! You can do it! Think of how great you’ll feel when you’re done! ~Tiffany

  15. RT says


    Amazing self motivation well done

    I’m sure your intention wasn’t too loose weight but did you and how much ? Did you put it back straight away .. Also I assume your skin is looking amazing when to went back to normal food did this effect your skin in any way ?


    • Mr. Crumbs says

      Hi RT – Thanks !

      I lost a total of about 15 lbs. during the fast. The majority of it during the fast, and a few lbs. post fast – since you have to reintroduce foods slowly.

      Yes, my skin looked great after the fast. A few skin spots that I’ve had for years cleared up, and the whites of my eyes got a little whiter. My eye doc told me I had Pinguecula, which is normal yellowing of the corners of the eyes – probably from sun exposure. He said it was permanent – well, the majority of it went away :) Just shows that the body can fix itself if you let it.

      Anyhow, I put the weight back on in about 2 months. Being a pretty lean already (full time bike commuter) I didn’t want to stay so thin – but for those doing it for weight loss – it is possible to keep it off permanently.

  16. RT says

    I managed to do three days by the 4th day I was dizzy …. I want to try again and try and have the 3rd and 4th day fall on a weekend !

    Could you actually tell you have lost a stone (clothes any looser) – I hear all this water weight business and never know how much this would be etc

    Thank you for getting back to me – This is the most recent post I have seen and with someone who is actually reply and I have been attempting to do this a few times good to know someone who experience it is a message away lol:)

    Any advice on keeping this weight off ?


    • Mr. Crumbs says

      To keep the weight off – you’d have to completely change your diet post fast. The idea of a detox, is to purge the bad from your body, and start fresh, reintroducing good foods into your diet. To me that means lots of fruits veggies, and non processed foods. Lots of people have shared there story via YouTube – keeping a daily video diary of their fast – I found those stories encouraging to watch. Some doing it for weight loss, others for health benefits.

      If you were dizzy by the 4th day, your blood pressure may have been to low. When I started, mine was about 130/80 – however, by day 9 of the fast, it had been as low as 99/59. It was monitored it several times a day with a blood pressure cuff. During that time, I’d have to stand up slowly, otherwise the lights went out :)

      Yes, you could definitely tell I had lost weight. For me it was an unpleasant side effect. I weigh 145, and had dropped to around 127-130 range. People often asked if I was ok, or thought something was wrong, because I looked like a stick. Everyone has different goals, but weight loss was not something I particularly wanted – as the fast caused me to lose muscle mass as well.

      Disclaimer: My sister is an RN, who I consulted with daily through the fast. If you are thinking of doing one – please do consult with a medical professional (as I am not one).

  17. Keenan says

    Great article Mr. Crumbs, it reinforces my strong mental state as I am now on day 3 of my water only fast. I’m not totally new to water fasting as I’ve tried it several times over the years yet I am rusty as I haven’t successfully fasted for the past 4 years now. When I ‘was’ successful I would fast twice a year for 7 days. Thanks for reminding me that its gets better after today. I agree that around day 4 of my previous fasts my hunger totally dissipates and my energy level increases. Personally I fast for weight control but I also enjoy the benefit of reminding my mind and body what true hunger is versus food cravings based on being inundated with eating and food from every aspect of life in the United States. I also want to stress the important of exercise and eating healthy in general. No one should partake in a water fast as a quick fix to lose weight without changing to a healthy lifestyle. What sparked my reemergence into a fasting regimen was a 20lb weight gain from what I’ll call ‘still okay with taking my shirt off at the beach’ weight and 35-40lb total weight gain from the lean ‘ideal weight’ I maintained when water fasting twice a year along with exercise and healthy low carb eating. The first 20lbs of the gain was directly related to not exercising as much (due to an ankle bone and tendon injury) and eating a lot of carb heavy meals, increasing my alcohol intake, and eating late. The next 20lbs of weight gain was due to being totally immobile for 4 months due to having surgery on the tibia/fibula in the ankle area and tendon repair, followed by another 4 months of partial immobility while I engaged in physical therapy. Thankfully as of last week I lost the 1st 20lbs already. How I loss the 1st 20lbs is important to note because I had initially attempted a water fast at the very beginning but I failed and couldn’t clear 24hrs because I had not prepared by body and mind through proper exercise and healthy eating. If anyone out there is about to embark on a fast it’s important that you’ve already reached a certain level of discipline illustrated by your mental and physical health. If you’re not ready in those aspects you will most likely fail. Even if my some miracle you succeed in a 4-10 day water fast, it’ll be far less enjoyable and you’re likely not to keep the weight off. I’m not saying you have to mimic me and lose 20 before a fast but losing at least 10 pounds (if your weight loss goal is 20lbs or higher) through exercise and diet would better prepare your body and mind for the fast. If all you want to lose is 20lbs or less I still encourage you to lose the 1st 5-10lbs through exercise and diet.
    Like I stated I’m now on my 3rd day and while I agree with Mr. Crumbs 1-3 day experience, it’s completely bearable and I’m quite excited to enter day 4 and beyond. As far as energy level on day 1 it was hard enough not eating let alone exercise, day 2 brought increased energy as I was so proud I made it through day 1 so I walked a 1 ½ with some light weight training without any noticeable lag for the rest of the day. Today (3rd day) I definitely feel less physically energized, but knowing the physiological changes of fasting, I know that my body is completing its shift over to ketosis starting to use my fat as fuel so it completely energizes my mental state. It basically makes me happy and confident that my discipline has gotten me this far and soon onto the next level. Once I’ve fully entered ketosis I expect my hunger to lesson with increased energy as well. Like I stated before I’ve only gone 7 days in the past but this time I’m shooting for 10 days on this water fast so wish me luck!

    • Mr. Crumbs says


      Good luck with your fast. Once you get to Day 4 you’ll be smooth sailing !! Since you’ve fasted in the past, you have a pretty solid understanding of the phases your body goes through.

      I’m already planning my next 10 day fast. Probably in the next 2-3 months. It’s really amazing how much (mental) preparation it takes to complete one.

      I liked your weight loss tip: if you’re fasting for weight loss, to loose the first 5-10 pounds through diet and fitness. Many look at fasting as a quick fix to loose a few pounds, without addressing the cause of weight gain (diet/physical activity) before hand.

  18. Arti Odedra says

    Another questions
    ( there may be more i want to start tomorrow) did you also exercise or was this purely water fast .. I imagine you may have been weak from the fast so it may have been difficult

    During the fast were you generally active ?

    I have a office based job only do about half hour of brisk walking a day

    Thanks for your help :)

    • Mr. Crumbs says


      I did not exercise during the fast, but had considered doing so before hand. Many people take walks or do very light cardio during water fasts – you just don’t want to overdo it (listen to your body).

      Going to work wasn’t difficult (getting out of bed was :)… Basically, I just lived life as normal, but without eating. Nothing changed, except I quit riding my bike to work.

      Good luck with your fast, and please feel free to ask any questions !

  19. Keenan says

    For the good of the thread group just thought I’d report that I’m now on day 5 of the water fast and things are indeed smooth sailing. It’s really about getting through those 1st 3 days because from the very beginning of day 4 my energy has spiked up, the ‘head fog’ has decreased dramatically (almost gone), and as long as I drink adequate water there is no sense of hunger… I think I’ve fully entered into ketosis now.

    • Mr. Crumbs says

      Keenan – Awesome ! You’re halfway finished ! What’s your plan to break the fast?

      • Keenan says

        Thanks! I really want to do this right and stay in a ketosis state for an additional couple of weeks so I’ll break the water fast with 2/3 additional days of vegetable juicing and water only, then transiting to steamed veggies and lean poultry. I also have some gluten/wheat free crackerbread and seaweed snacks I’m excited to pop open.

        Years ago I’ve never gained more than 2 or 3 pounds immediately back after previous fasts (which is great) but this time I want to see if staying in ketosis as I resume eating will prevent that. I’m amazed that I’ve loss 11 pounds of (almost all) fat being only 6 days in! The 1st 20 pounds I’ve loss on my goal to lose 40 pounds took 5 months with diet/excercise. Its looking like I’ll reach the next 20 pounds during this fast! I’ve also been able to exercise 4 out of the past 6 days too with 2miles walks and low weight/3 set/15 reps sessions hitting all major muscle groups so I know I’m losing fat and not muscle. Definitely glad I decided to add this water fast to my training… The only issue I have now is falling asleep at night as I have too much energy. One blog I found recommended a small dose of Benadryl at night as a remedy but I’m on the fence about that.

        • Mr. Crumbs says

          Well done. It sounds like you have a solid and safe plan for breaking your fast. That’s incredibly important !!

          As for Benadryl, I personally wouldn’t take any meds while fasting. It seems to defeat the purpose (in my mind) of being able to detox. However, I’m not an expert by any means. If you are having trouble winding down, maybe read a book for an hour before bed time.

          Also, take it easy ! You’re doing great, but don’t over do it on exercise:) I wish you the best of luck on your fast!!

  20. Maria says

    ― I Just Have A Question About This… Don’t You Feel Weak After The 4th Day!? Because I Was Doing The Oat Diet But Like Around The 4th I Was Actually Feeling So Weak! Besides I Wanna Know How Much Water Do We Need To Drink During This Process!? We Just Drink Water Right!? No Food Or Anything Like That. Please Answer My Questions I Really Need Them.

    • Mr. Crumbs says


      Yes, I felt weak on the fourth day. I also did not exercise, so it didn’t bother me much. As for how much water to drink, I just sipped on water throughout the day – whenever thirsty. Never did I guzzle it; just kept some nearby to sip on.

      Remember, I am not a medical professional. I encourage you to study fasting on your own and know what you are getting yourself into before hand. Talk to your doctor for any concerns or advice. I can only explain my own experience – not someone else’s. What worked for me, may not work for everyone.

      • Maria says

        ― Okay Thanks (: By The Way ; Did You Gain More Weight After You Stop Doing It Or Are You Still In This Progress!?

        • Mr. Crumbs says

          I gained most of (if not all) of it back within 2 months – but as mentioned previously: this fast was not for weight loss. I’m pretty thin to begin with, so gaining the weight back was desirable.

          It is possible to keep the weight off (if doing it for weight loss), by eating properly post fast.

  21. Mary says

    For what its worth, here is my experience so far with fasting.
    I have food allergies but I stubbornly continue to eat those foods, so I know I have toxins built up in my system. I am just finishing up 6 days on the Master Cleanse 10 Day Fast.

    The first 3 days were rough with headaches, muscle aches and in general, a feeling of fatigue. However, I slugged through and looked forward to feeling better on the 4th day. The headache did go away, but old injuries from my field hockey days began to bother me at the end of the 3rd day. By the time I woke up on the 4th day, I thought I had thrown my back out. My feet, legs knees and back were cramping horribly. My weight loss, which had been about a pound a day up until then, had ceased and I had even gained a pound. Frustrated at the weight gain and the muscle pain, I wanted to give up, but my pigheadedness would not let me quit. I thought, surely by day 5 I would feel better, but no, still back pain and muscle cramps. I took the dog for a walk that evening, thinking, I needed to stretch my legs out. I was in such pain after returning. I am now at the end of Day 6 and I still have back pain and muscle cramps in my legs. I did a lot of gardening today and my body is in a lot of pain tonight. I’m feeling like I may never feel better again, but I refuse to give up. My stubborn body has to let go of these toxins one of these days, maybe it will be day 7.

    The reason I write this is because I did not see any posts from individuals having issues with pain in old injuries during a fast. During a fast, our bodies heal themselves on a cellular level. My old injuries are healing and that is painful. I truly believe in fasting as a means of detoxifying and healing my body, but I just thought people should know about this side effect also.

    • Mr. Crumbs says

      Mary, thanks for commenting ! Have you fasted before? I know from experience, taking on a 10 day fast is extremely aggressive if you’ve never completed one in the past.

      Also, you may be trying to do to much at one time (working out, gardening) when your body is running on reserves. Because you are having strange symptoms (cramps, muscle pain), you may want to consult with a physician – or do research to find out if this is common.

      The only thing that I struggled with was low blood pressure and lack of energy. Wish you the best of luck.

    • Sheril C says

      Thanks so much for posting! I too have been experiencing some physical pain with my fast. But I’m praying for healing. :)

  22. Mary says

    Thanks Mr. Crumbs,
    Yes, I probably am doing too much, but that is my mo. I laid low today. It is my first 10 day fast/cleanse but not my first fast. I have done 3 day fasts and juice fasts in the past, but the longest I have ever fasted was 5 days. I have felt better today; although, the muscle spasms in my back continue. I’m researching this and pushing through. Thanks for the reply.

  23. RT says

    Another question after during the fast it’s not that I’m hungry it’s that water has no taste is there any healthy way around this

    But still having benefits of cleanse and weight loss


    • Mr. Crumbs says

      Hi RT – you could always squeeze a slice of lemon or lime into your glass of water for a little flavor.

      Or before bedtime, you could make yourself a cup of hot tea (decaf – no sweeter :)

  24. Nicky says

    Hi, I’m a personal trainer so don’t really have the option of “resting” during a fast. (Never done one before, considering trying 5 days or something). I don’t have to do anything vigorous but do join in on some exercises when training my clients, if they need the extra encouragement. If I fasted, might this make me feel worse, or even faint?! I obviously can’t let my standards as a PT suffer but really like the idea of all those health benefits and losing a couple pounds. Thanks :)

    • Mr. Crumbs says

      Hi Nicky !

      I don’t think I’d recommend a water fast if you are a personal trainer simply because you don’t have much energy. If you’re in the gym several days a week coaching people, that might be a little much.

      However, if you still want some of the detox and weight loss benefits, you may be ok with a smoothie fast. Mrs. Crumbs (Tiffany) completed a 5 day when I did the 10 day water fast. It’s documented here:

      Check that out when you have a moment – if you go this route, and find that you need extra energy, just drink more smoothie ! You’re still giving the digestive tract a break since you’d be on a liquid diet, but with TONS of nutrients.

      Hope that helps !

  25. says

    I’ve done many water fasts in my life and recommend them to people all the time. I’ve also tried juicing fasts but didn’t care for the amount of extra work required (cleaning up after juicing). Besides, you don’t get the same benefits of a water fast, mainly, giving the digestive system a vacation period to get some serious R&R, heal, and allow all that blood to flood other areas to heal. I drank mostly ozonated distilled water (spiked with minerals) and took a lot of ozone baths as well, but that’s not necessary. Just drink good water, and lots of it, and take it easy during your fast (don’t try to do “too much”) and you’ll find you’re not hungry after the first few days, you have a lot of energy and focus, and you feel GREAT!

    • Tiffany says

      Your experience sounds a lot like my husbands’s Mike. Thanks for sharing! ~Tiffany

  26. Keenan says

    For the good of the thread… Two months to the day and I am again on my 3rd day of another 10 day water fast. Prior to my 10 day 2 months ago I hadn’t fasted for several years so the 1st 3 days back in April sucked. 2 months later now and I’m here to report on day 3 its already easier. The body is an amazing instrument already transitioning to ketosis faster than before making this fast even more pleasant…

  27. says

    Hello! I’m soooo excited to find your site. I’m enjoying all your older posts. I was particularly intrigued with this post. Could I ask…what kind of water did Mr. Crumbs use? Tap water? Distilled?

    • Mr. Crumbs says

      Hi Madetobemom, I used filtered water, from the tap. I will probably use distilled next time.

  28. China says

    Hello mr.crumbs
    I got excited when I found this site! Everyone usually talks about juice-fasting. Water-fasting seems almost rare-) I did do a 4 day water-fast 3 yrs. ago and I was so weak..and I was a student then too.. I don’t think I was drinking much water..anyway since 3 yrs. ago, I’ve done a 9 day master cleanse..successfully, I’ve done a 40 day Juice-fast..but gained all the weight back from bad eating;( I am ready to begin eating clean.. I really want to do the water-fast because I’ve tried the master cleanse and the Juice-fast and they worked but I was back to craving sweets and chocolates upon finishing the fasts. I have not tried just drinking water for a good amount of days. I heard water really heals the body and kicks out bad cravings and bad habits better then juicing so I want to give this a try. After completing a 10 water-fasting I plan on following with juicing for another 10 days then afterwards incorporating fruits, salads, vegetables & lean proteins back into my diet slowly. I want to begin eating plant based foods for the rest of my life. (Tired of yoyo dieting)I seriously don’t want to do another long term Juice-fast as I feel I can do a shorter water-fast and get a cleaner body and lose as much weight then juicing. Is it ok to waterfast monthly? Ie like doing 7 day waterfast monthly to keep the body clean and prevent weight gain? I read your article and I love that you respond as well! I saved this article on my homepage as motivation:)

    • Mr. Crumbs says

      Hi China !

      First of all, congratulations on completing a 9 day master cleanse. That’s hard work !! And congrats on the 40 day juice fast. Very few understand how difficult it is to complete a lengthy fast.

      While I’m a big fan of fasting, I’m not sure that I’d try a 7 day fast once a month, every month, for an extended period of time. That seems a bit extreme. That very well could be too hard on your body over the long term. However, by no means am I an expert and whatever you decide – please talk to your doctor before attempting. They know more, and can at least monitor your health (during a fast) should you decide to go that route.

      I’ve read on other sites where individuals perform 3 day fasts once a month, every month, for the cleansing benefits… which doesn’t seem to extreme to me. However, I don’t know if there is an exact science for what is/isn’t healthy in how frequently/how long you fast.

      My yearly goal is to complete a 7-10 day water fast every 6 months. While juice fasts have been considered, it seems that the water fast is more beneficial detox wise, and it’s just plain easier to drink a glass of water, than it is to fresh squeeze juice (and clean up) every day. Call me lazy :)

      As for diet, I understand that you want to kick the cravings and get the sweets out of your diet. Consider fasting (water, master cleanse, juice) for an immediate detox, and go through your pantry, eliminating ALL processed foods. Make it a goal to eat only foods prepared by scratch. It doesn’t take long to kick the cravings, but it’s easy to go back into the old habits.

      Mrs. Crumbs has a great guide here: – with 22 days to a fresh start. If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get her free e-book on how to clean up your kitchen (food wise). You can always unsubscribe if you don’t want the newsletter (we don’t hold your email address hostage .. lol), but it may give you a jumpstart, and help you get started !

      Take care, and keep us posted !!!

  29. RT says

    I posted a little while ago and lasted 3 days (too much temptation)

    My head was banging and my concentration levels were at an all time low – My weekdays are up at 6.45 at work for 9 back from for half six …. does this happen all throughout the fast ?? does the hunger become less as the days go on !

    just out of interest did anyone drop a dress size ?would be a massive help if that happened.

    Good luck to all !

    Also agree with China having reponses helps so much so thank you !!

    • Mr. Crumbs says

      In my experience, and many others who have documented their fast, usually once you get past day three – it’s smooth sailing.

      Youtube has a lot of video documentaries on people who have gone up to 40 days !! Try checking out some of those, as they document symptoms as they go through the fast !

    • China says

      Thanks Mr. Crumbs for the informational replying:)
      Today is day 1! I will update my progress on here every couple of days. My goal is to do 10 days and if I reach day 10 and I feel ok, I may do another 10 day making it 20 days max! (Won’t go over 20 days) but I’m quite happy doing 10 days. As I’ve fasted before so I know what I’m getting myself into:) I will come off my waterfast by juicing for 2 to 3 days.. Before I start applying clean based food back into my body. I believe you are right, 7 days waterfast each month is extreme. So i wont be doing that i will adopt a regime of doing 10 day waterfast 2x a yr like you. My “french” fiancée doesn’t believe In having pantry’s so he makes sure no junk food comes into our apt) he’s supportive of my fast, he actually just completed a 5 day juicefast & lost 11pounds. @RT you CAN do it! Off to sip some water:)

  30. says

    Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Crumbs for your post. I just finished reading the book The Pleasure Trap to help me get a better understanding of what drives my food addiction. It was a great read and also suggests a water fast as a way to begin a new life free of food cravings as well as the health benefits. I am excited to begin my 20 day water fast today and this post is a great reinforcement of what I have to look forward to. I completed a 60 day juice fast successfully last year and am rebooting this summer with the water fast. The juice fast last year was very successful at jump starting my quest for a healthier lifestyle and I have changed my eating habits drastically to a whole food diet. I did hit a wall recently with the sudden passing of my mother and felt the pull of my addiction again. I was better this time only gaining 8 pounds back as a result, but I am looking forward to regaining my love of fresh foods with no salt or sugar added as I was before I began eating high salt, sugar and fatty foods again. Also, after eating healthy for so long my body has let me know that I need to give it some needed healing (I have been sluggish, having acne and yellowing eyes). So again thank you for all of your advice. I am so glad that I found your site. You will definitely hear from me again as now I am a fan.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Danielle,

      You’re most welcome! It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Our standard advice is to always check with a medical professional before long term fasting, which your goals of 20 days certainly counts as. I hope you’re able to overcome the addiction of food – I know it can be tough! Never underestimate the power of prayer too. :) We look forward to hearing your update! ~Tiffany

  31. David Allison says

    Hi Mr Crumbs, and everyone else,

    I found this post while searching the web for testimonials from people who have experienced water fasting. I can recommend the work of Steve Hendricks on this subject, he has done great research on the topic. It was after reading his article in the March 2012 issue of Harpers I began my first water fast. I wasn’t sure how long to go, but the euphoria and increased focus I experienced kept me on the fast for 21 days. I lost 26 pounds (from 167 to 141) but as a 5 foot 11 inch male, this wasn’t really the point. Nearly a year and a half later I can report that I gained back half the weight, and today is the forth day of my second water fast. For me it is about the focus and control I feel, so I guess it is a kind of self-medication and self-improvement tool.

    My personal experience of fasting is that the first three days are tough, but I have not experienced any of the negative effects others have reported. I resent the physical weakness that Mr. Crumbs reports, but this effect seems worth it for the increased productivity that I experience.

    Also, nobody told me that you needed to slowly introduce food back into your system. I broke my 21 day water fast with a lox and cream cheese bagel with all the trimmings. And I can tell you that that bagel was as close to a religious experience as I have ever had. I experienced no problems from doing this; it was like my digestive tract just turned back on like a light-switch.

    Thank you for creating this post, good luck everyone with your fasts and eat smart when you do eat!

    David A.
    Oak Park, IL

    • Mr. Crumbs says

      David – thanks for the great write-up of your experience. 21 days is a long time, definitely required a lot of self-control and will power. Congratulations and good luck on your second fast.

      As for breaking the fast, I bet that bagel was good.. lol. But, please research the possible effects of breaking a fast improperly, as it can actually be harmful to your body, and a shock to your digestive system.

      Thanks again for the feedback – let us know how your second one goes.

  32. Youme says

    Hello Mr. Crumbs!
    I am on day 6 of my water fast and I found your blog very useful! :)
    I’m worried because I have not had any bowel movements, but I read on some forums that this is nothing to fret about.
    The most peculiar thing for me is that while on this fast, I’ve had vivid dreams about food!
    However, like you experienced, after day 3-4 it gets MUCH easier. My stomach still growls, but my cravings have significantly decreased.
    I was also worried about my electrolyte balance, so I have been drinking some mineral water high in potassium, sodium and calcium.
    So far, I have lost around 10lbs. I presume some of this will be gained back since it is water weight.
    If you don’t mind me asking, how much weight did you gain back after the fast?


    • Mr. Crumbs says


      Congrats on making it to day 6 ! The bowel movement thing is normal, as mine shut down after day two or three into my ten day fast (this is why it’s important to re-introduce foods properly when you end the fast).

      As for electrolyte balance – that would be a doctor question (which I am not one). My assumption has always been not to drink to much water at one time – otherwise you’ll flush all the electrolytes, and the results can be fatal. Here is an article : – you probably have to drink a LOT of water for this to happen – but you can also die from dehydration. Moderation, right?

      When going through my ten day fast, I would never guzzle water. Just sip it here and there throughout the day if I were thirsty. Probably to the amount of 6 glasses of water per day. Occasionally, I would treat myself to a glass of hot, sugar free tea before bed, and maybe even squirt of lemon in water to break it the monotony.

      Good luck ! And remember, any concerns talk to your doctor ! I was fortunate to have a health care professional (my sister and brother in law) monitor my progress. I would check in two times a day with them.

      As for weight. I lost around 15 lbs, and gained about 12 of them back within 2 months of ending. Weight loss was not my goal though – I did it more for the detox benefits.

  33. StalkingFear says

    Entering day 5 of my third extended water fast, the first done 34 years ago – I’m 74 now – the second some 30 years ago. The motivation this time for jumping in was to knock out a gastrointestinal virus, nip it in the bud. Worked to a T. Done with the malaise by the end of day 3. So why am I continuing? I’m in good health, trim except for a mini-bulge, swim competitively, gardening is one of my passions. Except for excessive consumption of beer and wine my diet gets at least four stars. So why introduce this hiatus in to my life, this period of time when I’ll definitely need to slow down, need to not accord my To-Do’s list its usual power in my life. Very simply, it’s the changes. I breath more easily, my gums get healthier, my thinking gets crisper, I CAN smell the roses for once in a long while!, I get more things done in my domestic setting, I have easier access to my inner life, tears come more easily – – I’m just in a better space with myself, even during those first three days. And I’m thinking there may be a medical benefit as well: keeping my prostate cancer (the tame version – Gleason 6’s all the way) at bay.

    Glad Google got me to this site. Good reading for me at this point, day 5 coming up.

  34. Val says

    Thanks Crumbs and Crumbs readers for sharing your experiences!

    I am considering doing a fast myself – not for weight loss, not for “cleansing,” not for spiritual purposes, but because for the last week, I have felt simultaneously nauseous and ravenous, and it’s getting worse. I am starting to think that a fast would be my “reset” button: recalibrate my sense of hunger (mentally, mostly) and give my digestive system a chance to get out and recover from whatever’s been ailing it, and literally “zero” itself out. I contacted my medical provider to see if she thought it was a dangerous and hair-brained idea, or if she’ll give it her blessing. If I get the professional go-ahead, I’ll start it the day my boyfriend leaves for a long weekend, sparing him and my office the miserable Day 1-3 that I has learned about from all you people generous to share. Since I have food allergies I figure I should capitalize on the digestive “zero” by slowly and very methodically breaking my fast one food at a time, and hope that I can identify whatever it is that’s still in my diet and causing such a ruckus inside of me!

  35. says

    Hi! I was very excited to find this page! you have no idea how much I have been wanting to lose more weight to feel better. I recently lost 15 pounds through better eating and the last 8 by doing the ’17 day diet’ but I only did the first set. Part of that diet was drinking a glass of green tea after every meal to speed metabolism to help burn food faster. would you recommend doing this on this water fast? if so how many times a day? caffine or decaf?


    Congrats to you and your husband on the amazing diets!

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Samantha :) My husband and I are not medical professionals, so I cannot recommend drinking anything in regards to a fast. This post is only describing our own experiences. Congrats on your weight loss, and thanks for understanding. :)

  36. Brandy says

    Hi… great thread… I have literally read each post in this thread…very very helpful. I completed a ten day fast about five months ago. I lost thirty pounds. Unfortunately, I gained it all back quickly BC I did not break the fast correctly :(. I am starting another water fast tomorrow. I plan 3-4 weeks.. hopefully I make it. The ultimate plan is to wait until my body let’s me know it is done healing. However, I just obtained a job that requires three months of physical training (correctional officer)… so, once I have my official start date, I can plan when to come off the water fast… according to the company…it will be 4-6weeks from today BC that is when the next training courses begin.:). Wish me luck!!!

    I do have a question though. I know Mr. Crumbs mentioned hot tea a few times throughout this thread… is it OK to drink a natural laxative tea at night…. for example, senna? If it is…. how often can I do this… and can I have organic grade B honey in it for a sweetener? If I cannot sweeten it, that’s OK… mainly just want to know if I can have the lax tea or not… my thoughts are that it would help clean me out….. even if it was only for the first few days of the fast… I didn’t use it last fast… but I’d like to this time if it is OK to do….

    Also, I know that you’re not medical professionals… but and experiences and advice would be helpful. :) thanks!!

    • Tiffany says

      Thanks Brandy, and congrats on the new job – good luck!

      I can’t tell you what’s ok and not ok ;), but I can share our personal experiences. Mr. Crumbs drank hot tea (chamomile) at night just for something different. I can only imagine plain water being kinda boring after so many days! I don’t think a laxative tea would offer any additional benefits, as Mr. Crumbs eliminated everything after day 3 or 4, and then there wasn’t anything left to eliminate (since only water was coming in). As for the safety of lax tea, you’d have to check the labels on the tea itself. Raw honey has awesome health benefits, and I don’t believe 1-2 tsp would hurt the long-term affects of your fast, but I do wonder if it would defeat the purpose of a water fast (since it’s not water?).

      I hope this helps. Come back and update us on your results if you can!

  37. Sheril C says

    I’m currently on day 6 of a water fast. I had done my first water fast (5 days) last February, which went fine. That one was limited because I was in the mindset and determined to give it a go but I had to plan to stop in time to allow for appropriate “refeeding” before a road trip. I had been on the GAPS diet for approximately 4 1/2 months leading up to that time and already eating a relatively clean diet long before GAPS. So I had very little of the misery that some people describe, just hunger for part of it.

    This time around I had been off-track from the type of diet that works for me on and off again over the last several months and had even given in to fast food twice (both over the last two weeks while on road trips) so its easy to see why I got in the mindset to really get a hold of myself and get my mind and body prepared for a return to the GAPS intro diet.

    I’ve definitely had some detox symptoms and a kind of rough go of it for the first five days. But I feel relatively nice today and have even been able to have some increased activity level after a lot of weakness, and listlessness. I’m not sure how long I’ll go. I try not to set long term goals to have to stick to (or beat myself up about) with my water-fasting mindset. But I am tentatively thinking of maybe a truly long-term fast if my husband can cope and not get too worried about me, and if nothing comes up that requires me to become available for travel or huge activity levels. Only time will tell… :)

    Thanks for posting about your experiences!

    • Sheril C says

      Perhaps I should have mentioned that I am trying to do a real water fast with no extras or helps. I’m not taking in any lemon or maple syrup or honey or tea at all.

      Over the last few years I’ve been trying to eliminate some of my meds and choose natural alternatives. Just in the last couple of months I finally found a natural alternative that really works for me for my legs kicking like I’m running a marathon all night long. Then I was down to really only having to consider my armour natural thyroid, which almost more like a supplement but does require a prescription. I decided not to take it for the fast. And yet at the same time to remain open to possibly starting back taking it if I decide I need to. So far so good.

      So I am taking in purified water all day and in one small glass of water I am adding in my concentrace liquid mineral drops (20 drops-for my legs) somewhere in the middle of the day. I also have prescription vitamin D which I easily gave up along with all my other supplements (excepting the liquid minerals of course). Oh and I have B12 shots to give myself once a month which I will go ahead and give myself even if I’m still fasting when the time comes.

      • Sheril C says

        It is morning of day 11 for me. I’ve been journaling daily through a facebook community that no one else is really using. There seems to be lots I have to say once I start typing. Apparently journaling is really very therapeutic.

        I’m still in the mindset where I want to keep going and do a long term fast right up until “true hunger” sets in, if at all possible. But I am also still open to the possibility that something could come up in life important enough to require me to start refeeding and make myself available to deal with what is needed with more energy and stamina. Some days I think about the potential healing and potential weight loss and hope that not only will I get to do that, but that it will take me a really looong time to get to that point where hunger returns! Oh the thoughts that run through my head! Imagine wanting to fast and not eat through October and November! I know that would sound crazy to a lot of people, but I am really very comfortable in my mind with what I am doing. :)

        • Tiffany says

          Hi Sheril! I want to congratulate you on your water fast so far – 11 days is a huge feat! I must advise you to consult with professionals regarding long term fasting and your health. I don’t want you to do anything that’s unsafe. :)

          Healing and weight loss will come with short term fasting, but more importantly, it comes with long term health changes. When you break your fast, do so slowly, and make permanent changes to your diet. I think that’s when you’ll see the most improvement. :) Blessings!!

          • Sheril C says

            Aww. Thank-you. I do have another Dr.’s appointment coming up. And as always, while I want to go on, I’m totally open to starting refeeding whenever it comes up that I need to. 😉
            Oh.. and I never could have or would have done this back when I ate a garbage diet. I’ve been on a journey for several years now to learn to eat in a clean and healthy way that really works for me.

            It’s Late afternoon, day13 now. And I’ve realized that even with praying everyday and having great prayer times I had gotten too focused on the physical stuff about fasting. It is a lot to take in and process and it is most of what people talk about on the internet. But I had wanted this to be a spiritual activity above all else when I committed to do it. So I have been re-centering myself and praying a lot more last night and today.

            I feel better spiritually. 😀

          • Sheril C says

            Funny thing happened on day 13. I’d had the feeling a couple of times before I last replied that I really needed to eat but it passed very quickly and I figured that if it was the real deal it wouldn’t. Luckily I did listen to it enough to double check that everything was ready for my refeeding. Then shortly after I replied it returned with a vengeance and did not subside. So it was later that night that I started with a tiny amount each hour refeeding. It is hard to describe the sensation in any other way than a real need to eat. I wasn’t having any negative symptoms or side effects. But I was listening to my body and it for sure told me that my fasting time was over.
            -feeling blessed 😉

          • Tiffany says

            Congrats on making it through Sheril, and for listening to your body. :) It sounds like your fast was a success!!

  38. Herald says

    Thank you for having such an informative blog post. The comments are very helpful too. Fasting is fraught with dogmas, so it’s nice to see that you aren’t plagued by the typical ones (only water fasting should ever be done, intermittent fasting is useless, nothing but water – not even herbal tea, etc… are examples of dogmas I dislike).

    I used to fast regularly when I was about college age, but now in middle age, I was really worried about doing it again. It’s definitely more of a challenge with an older body, but the rate of weight loss (which I do want) is wonderful.

    I’ve found that on day 6-7, I often become dehydrated, so I researched that a lot, going so far as to try and understand things like “intracellular water content.” I just wanted to share that once I got my electrolyte balance correct, I no longer suffer from dizzyness or brain fog. But I can’t follow the typical recommendation of Lo-salt use because it’s not a complete electrolyte. What I use is one packet of Emergen-C either daily or skipping every other day.

    I also try not to waterlog myself. That’s harder to do because your body can’t even respond to water intake for 30 min. I find myself drinking about 2x16oz of water per day, sometimes 3x.

    I could talk forever about the differences between being young and middle aged while fasting, but I won’t bore you. As implied, I didn’t need anything special when I was young.

    That’s why I appreciate this blog and comments. Most places you’d expect people to tell you what works for them and expect you to follow it too, but your body is smarter than outside advice. The nice thing about fasting is, it sharpens your mind so you can work on problem solving with a high probability of success. Never underestimate your body’s survival capability. Fasting is a survival stress and your body will tell you what it needs.

    I now define fasting as abstaining from the macronutrients as much as possible (Emergen-C has 25 sugar calories, I may switch to sugar free, but I think that would be chemicals, so…). If the extent that someone can do this is to juice/smoothie fast, so be it, it still shows amazing results. There are many paths to the same place.

  39. Herald says


    Some options for cleaning out before a fast (these are method I’ve actually used):

    Magnesium citrate – comes in bottles of liquid at the pharmacy for around $4. Benefits: instant diarrhea, used for colonoscopy prep. Cons: drying, can lead to loss of potassium, not the best thing before a fast, but if you are aware of this and supplement 2:1 ptassium-sodium, you’re fine.

    Miralax – since this isn’t absorbed by the body, you can use during a fast, completely non nutritive, pulls water into bowels – pharmacy or online about $30 for a regular size bottle. Benefits: can use during fast (non-nutritive), but may cause loose stools if overused – I’ve never had it cause actual diarrhea though. Cons: expensive

    Enemas: yeah I know, yuk, but trust me this works wonders – kit may be purchased at some pharmacies (bag kit or bucket kit both work) Benefits: introduces clean water during a time when body is dehydrated, I’ve found this to be the BEST way to stop dehydration, stops headaches. Cons: Yukky, bathroom must be very very clean, even the floor (you’ll be lying on it with a towel down but anything the probe touches will add germs and you don’t want to introduce germs to your body, just clean water), may be hard to find good instructions for exactly how to do this.

    Some theories suggest continuing to cleanse the bowel during the fast but I’m not sure, I think washing the skin and exfoliating is more important… that is, after the first clean out.

    The major benefit I find of doing this cleanse before fasting is that I don’t end up with a hard stool that gets dried out and ends up as a plug in my system when I begin eating again. For short fasts (up to 10 days), that’s an issue, but not an awful one, but imagine if that had a chance to dry for 40 days! Ouch.

  40. says

    I completed my first 10 day water fast. My main objective was to reduce my blood pressure. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in my mid-40’s. I was an active runner and “ate healthy”. My blood pressure was 180/118!!!

    I was immediately placed on meds. I did not want to be dependent on meds for my life, so began search alternatives to treat root cause of my blood pressure, not just symptoms. Of course, there are others in my family with high blood pressure but did not buy into doctors claim that was all genetic. I changed my diet to a no salt, no oil vegan diet. I had never even consider a vegan diet before this. My blood pressure did drop (without meds) to 135/90 range. My blood pressure was better with just the diet change than on meds! Despite continuing on my vegan diet, my blood pressure was not making any other significant improvements beyond this. It seems that I reached a plateau. Perhaps from the build-up of so many years of animal products and “junk” in me.

    I read an article that included clinical trials with statistically significant results that used water fasting for the treatment of high blood pressure. One of the authors, Dr. Goldhammer had a clinic, True North in Santa Rosa, CA. I decided to pursue a medically supervised water fast and very thankful that I did. Since I already was a vegan diet (with no processed foods, oil, etc.) I did not need to do a special 2-3 day prep prior to the water fast. My 10-day water fast started on distilled water only. After Day 1, I did not even feel hungry. My days were quite uneventful.

    I understood that rest was just as important as the actual water fast. I did not work during the 10 days, I did not even check emails. I watched lots of informational videos, attending lectures, journal-ed, read, took naps, socialized with others in various phases of fasting, went to cooking classes (yes, this do not bother me), light yoga (no upside moves), etc. I was fine until Day 5. I was simply just walking to go back to my room and suddenly felt light-headed and flushed. A doctor and staff assisted me to my room, my pulse had dropped drastically. Once, I was layed down with knees up and shortly started feeling better. However, I was also feeling quite nauseated with dry-heaving symptoms. I was given sparkling water (instead of distilled) and it was the most amazing tasting water I have ever had. I spent the remainder of my fast mostly on bed rest. I could not sit or stand without feeling nauseated. So, 5 days of bed rest was making me a bit stir crazy.

    Initially, I had thought I was going to do do a 20 day water fast. On Day 10, I realized that I was “done” (more out of feeling “bored” from just laying in bed, and the constant nausea if did anything). By Day 10, my blood pressure had reached 90/60!!! Incredible! There is no medication that I know of that could have even come close to this blood pressure drop.

    I broke my water fast on Day 11. The amount of energy that I had was absolutely amazing. I felt that I could have run a marathon! I felt like I could not expend all the energy I had. My head was clear. I felt completely at peace with myself and life. I spent 5 days re-feeding and each day I had even more energy. For a few days, I went walking, running, bike riding for miles and miles each day. It has been a year since the fast.

    The biggest challenge for me after the fast when I got back to “real world” was integrating a daily exercise routine. My doctor did tell me that I needed to do 30 mins of cardio to help boost my metabolism back up after the fast. I was not feeling 100% and did not do this. I not only gained back the 10 pounds I lost during the fast but also another 7 lbs. )-: I realize this is my own doing by not incorporating the daily cardio post-fast. My blood pressure has remained in the 115/75 range (some days better than others). I have started to reignite a daily exercise routine. My goal is to get back to the weight I was before the last fast before embarking on another. However, I do hope to incorporate another 10 day water fast late this year/early next year.

  41. Jamie says

    I’m a 14 year old boy and go to high school. I’m planning on starting my water fast on Sunday, to get the worst over away from school. But I’m not sure if it’s safe. My reasons are simple, my taste buds are in shutdown. All I eat is Pasta, Pizza and fish and chips. I don’t eat at school to avoid getting food stuck in my braces. I would like to try more foods with pleasure, but it’s sickening. I have an extremely high metabolism and I went through an extreme addiction to chocolate, but managed to cut it out. I am fearing that my body is still clogged from it. Also I’m eating at least a bar a week, which may not sound to bad, but it will get worse. I’ve been having constant headaches, and have incredible back pain. My body is a mess. My acne got so bad we even went to my GP and he prescribed some cream that is helping to clear it up. I’m trying to drink more water in general, but it’s never at the top of my mind. I also have constant tiredness and lack of energy. I am thinking 7 days, because we don’t have any exams, and finishing on a sunday would be great. I’m worried about the temptation too. Can I have some advice please?

  42. Asma yoonas says

    Hi, I want to do water diet, I have done 24 hr water diet few year back, I have a question can I take my reqular vitamin.

  43. Darlyn Paul says

    My foray into fasting for has been interesting. Although when I was younger, I had indulged in 24-hours no water, no food fast yearly. I hadn’t kept it up
    So I decided at this time to try a 3-days water fast, but on getting into this blog and reading about very successful water fasts especially their health benefits encouraged me to for longer for its health benefits. I was going to try for 10days, but will now stop at day 7, not because I could not continue, but because my husband will be traveling and I cannot take care of the children alone in such a weakened state.
    I undertook the fast while still being responsible for cooking the family meals, getting youngsters ready for school, doing the shopping, etc. By day 5, I was so weak and sluggish that I wondered if I could keep it up.
    My husband then undertook the responsibility of getting the kids to and from school depending on work schedule and eating pizza for dinner. LOL.
    It has been a journey. The most difficult part, after day 1 to 3 was dealing with the filmy coating on my tongue. I didn’t like that at all. It actually prevented me from drinking lots of water. Whereas typically I drank 2 litres of water daily. I was struggling to get 1 liter in.
    Day 4 onwards was smooth sailing although I am extremely weak now. I now have one more day and I have to thank this blog for helping me realise this was possible and some of its health benefits.

    • Darlyn Paul says

      Breaking my fast gently. I was not sure how to go about it, I decided to go real easy and listen to my body: So I thought, 3 days of the addition of 2 glasses of pure-pressed fruits to the water.
      First day – 2 glasses of pure-pressed apple juice. I found it saccharin sweet. I could only do a half glass and my stomach could really not handle anymore. 4-hours later, I did better with the second glass, but still didn’t like the taste. My energy-level though increased tremendously. I could function normally, although not anywhere at top-level. It was passable. The 2nd day, I went for several fruits, instead of just apple and it was more tolerable, although I still found it too sweet. I also added multi-vitamins in liquid form.
      I am going into the 3rd and final day of this, then I will be adding light soups for 3 days, then soft vegis. My energy level is increasingly by the day definitely. I can feel the difference.
      The spiritual element has been most beautiful as well. Along with reading. (I had to use books by reading because after a while it was just too difficult to keep reading prints). I spent a lot of time meditating as well.
      Overall, challenging as this seems, it is a journey,I am glad I am taking.

      • Tiffany says

        Wonderful to hear your fast is going well Darlyn! You should be on day 6 or so – how’s it going?

  44. Gary Wolford says

    Dear Tiffany:

    Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a retired Vietnam Vet, white male, 66 years in age, “Blessed” with a great wife, of 42 years, 3 children and 6 grand children, and, over the years I’ve become very complacent, respective to my own personal health.

    In my mid twenties, and, right into my mid thirties, I water fasted religiously,……36 hrs./week and a 5 day water fast every 3 months and once did a 15 day fast. That, however, was close to 35 years ago. In regards to my physical, and spiritual health, those years were the most optimal, apex, years of my entire life, and if I can get anywhere close to that feeling again, I’ll have been truly blessed.

    Thank “GOD”, I presently enjoy good health, but, I am at risk, with high cholesterol and high blood pressure . My exercise is extremely limited to getting in and out of the car. I’m 6 feet tall and as of this morning, I weighed in at 194.6 pounds.

    Anyway, as a direct result of your inspirational website, Tiffany, I commenced a 10 day fast, as of yesterday, Tuesday, 8:00 pm. I now feel that I can maintain the perseverance and determination to see it to its end.

    In closing, Tiffany, I want to offer up my sincerest Thanks. Your website was most refreshing, unique, informative, and, for me awe inspiring. A true “GOD” send.

    Again, my sincerest, heartfelt “Thanks”…..Bravo!, and keep up your great work.

    Anyway wish me luck……I’ll be in touch.

    Regards, have a great day,

    Gary Wolford

    • Tiffany says

      Gary, your words are so sweet, and so encouraging to to the rest of us who aren’t perfect either. Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself and sharing your store. Best of luck Gary – we look forward to hearing the update. :) True blessings to you Gary.

      • Gary Wolford says

        Well, Tiffany,………so much for my 10 day water fast, I lasted 2 full days. However, I will continue to endeavour. I’m going to try having one nutritious meal daily.

        Thank you ever so much, for your reply back to my original post. I can well imagine how busy you must be!

        “GOD” Bless,


  45. Susan says

    In 2007 I went on a 40 day liquid fast which included a protein shake every day or two. The other liquids included some decaf coffee – about twice a week, and as much juice or tea or water as I wanted, and vegetable “drinks” that I made myself from fresh veggies and water. Some would argue that this wasn’t a “real” fast, but it was what I felt led to do. I lost about 35 pounds, but I wasn’t doing it for that reason – for me the spiritual benefits were what was amazing. During this fast, my prayer life and my mental clarity went through the ceiling. I did not exercise. Among the things that resulted were a major financial breakthrough, and my daughter split for good from her toxic, abusive boyfriend. The worst day was day three – after that, I wasn’t even hungry, and along about day 18 it just got better and better every day. I was able to continue to prepare meals for my family after my hunger went away without being tempted to eat, and even attended a 50th anniversary party and several other major family functions where food was the main event, and had no problem. I was actually very sorry when it was over. I might have continued, but my husband was getting really impatient for me to start eating again. It’s probably just as well!

    Now, the key is that I felt led by God to do this. I am confident that there is NO WAY I could have done it otherwise. I have tried fasts since then that did not work at all on any level. I think the longest I lasted on any of those was about 10 days, but they did not have any of the same benefits, either physically or spiritually. It is definitely not a formula, and not something you undertake because it seems like an interesting idea!

    I also wish I could say that I maintained all those benefits. I did maintain my weight for a couple of years, but it was just too hard to go against the flow at home. It is important that your family supports you fully, because otherwise they will sabotage you.

  46. marty says

    I have recently done a 24 hour fast. It turned my tongue white and gross. I was wondering how long it will be there after i break the fast? Its been three days and still is on there.

    • Giovanni says

      24 hours or 24 days? Wasn’t your tongue like that before and you only noticed because you were fast? 24-hour fast is hardly something to worry, unless you are already very sick.

  47. Christine says

    I am a faster. I started fasting when I was 30 years old (I am now 53 and still fasting) I did this because I felt the Lord wanted me to fast (I’m Catholic so we fast on Wednesdays and Fridays). I have reaped tremendous health benefits. I was getting severe seasonal allergies when I started fasting. So I did a day of fasting and got relief! Then I did a 3 day fast and cut out wheat from my diet. I have never had a problem with allergies since this time (20 years ago).
    Currently I am embarking on a 10 day fast to lose weight and cleanse. I am on day two and have little side effects and feel quite strong. I’m a kindergarten teacher, so I have to be alert and strong. As long as I feel strong I will continue this fast until next Tuesday! I’m on the D’Adamo diet right now and have a protocol to follow, however, I am just doing lemon + water + stevia during the day and at night I have chamomile tea + stevia. I feel fine!
    Stay tuned

  48. Cherie says

    I have been studying water fasts for awhile, and have been nervous to start it. I have 6 kids and homeschool…so I need to be able to remain on my feet all day. In my study, some sites recommend bottled water (spring or purified/distilled). My questions for you are, did you drink special water, or just tap water? And how much did you drink each day? I would like to do a 10 day fast to start, but if I am doing well, I want to continue it for a full month. Thank you so much for posting your experience. It gives me courage to go forward with my fast.

    • Christine says

      Wow Cherie! A ten day fast at first? My suggestion is that you don’t do just distilled water, it’s super hard on water alone. Add a little lemon and stevia and you’ll be fine. Also have some tea. Don’t over do it at first. Perhaps just fasting a day a week and then moving into a 3-day fast, then 5-day, then 10-day. I know when I started fasting it was really quite a triumph to do one day. If you set small goals and word your way up, you’ll feel great. However, if you set a big goal and aren’t able to accomplish it, you may get discouraged.

    • Tiffany says

      He drank tap water filtered through a Brita pitcher. He probably drank 4-6 glasses a day? More at first, less as time went on, but he only drank when he felt like he needed to, if that makes sense? There wasn’t a goal to hit. Good luck with your fast Cherie! Keep us updated on your progress!

      • Cherie says

        I just finished the first 24 hours. I have a slight headache, and have been running way often to the bathroom. Hopefully tomorrow goes smoothly. I haven’t felt hungry, but it was hard to smell dinner. I locked myself in my room until everyone was done. Im using you as a support system. I figure I will be more likely to keep it up if I report to someone. :)

  49. Briteleaf says

    Completed a 9 day water fast about 6 weeks ago. Hard part was hunger the first few days and the no-coffee headache I had for a couple of days. ALL my parents and grandparents died of high blood pressure related heart attacks and strokes. My blood pressure went from 156/116 to normal and has STAYED NORMAL. It was 107/71 this morning.

  50. Shenda says

    Hi, I am new to this site and reading all the results of the water fast is encouraging. I am starting water fast due to HBP I’m on two meds and they don’t seem to be lowering it at all. So I’m not new to fasting but water fasting I’ve never done, and I have to do something to lower it and get it under control of course Doctors only know to give more meds which I don’t believe in because of all the side effects and that’s all most of them been trained for. I will take my meds while on the water fast unless it drops and will cut it down to one of them during the duration of the fast. I have a Doctors appt in two days and see what she says.

  51. Christine says

    My fast has been wonderful. Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy, but the rewards are amazing! I’m finally getting my beautiful skinny self back, acne on my neck has cleared, arthritis symptoms are clearing out of my body, I feel them move. I’m on my 9th day and will go three more days so I can break the fast on the weekend. Any tips about breaking the fast would be much appreciated. Oh and did I mention that my skin is beautiful. I’m 53 and no one believes it.

    • Jackie says

      Good job Christine, I started right after I read this page and your blog…I have read up some on fasting and they all say to start off with fresh fruit juice then add your vegetables I am on day 3 I am going for 10 then go on from there I really want to try for 21 days but I will listen to my body on day 10 and move from there. I know it will be extremely hard especially starting in December.

  52. Jackie says

    Very informative …I am starting a 10 day water only fast tomorrow 12/13 . I will stop by and give a little inside on how it went. If I handle this well then I will try for 21 days but I will take it one day at a time. Great site

  53. Adrienne Chavers says

    I’ve been attempting to fast for the last couple of weeks. I just purchased Dr. Furhman’s book “Fasting and Eating for Health” and with reading that and your personal story – it just clicked for me. On my 45th birthday (10 years ago) I did a 40 day juice fast. I lost 40 pounds but I’ve gained it all back plus a few pounds. I just turned 55 and I’m ready to do a water fast; not 40 days but at least 10 – 20 days. Thank you for sharing; it was (is) most helpful. I am a certified raw food chef and lifestyle coach (80% raw) but have fallen off the wagon. This will certainly jump start me back to healthier eating. God Bless You!

  54. dhrumit says

    that was amazing story , i am going to water fast from tomorrow , i want to know is there something like overdose of water or i can drink as much water i want ?

    • Mr. Crumbs says

      Hi dhrumit. For those types of questions, you would need to consult with a doctor as I can’t give medical advice.

      I can tell you from my experience that I sipped on water throughout the day, but never in large amounts. I was always fearful of flushing out all my electrolytes. Also, keep in mind that I had medical supervision and reported stats to two family members several times a day.

  55. Nadyha says

    I just wanted to say that this article was amazing for me. In 2008 my husband and I seperated after almost 15yrs. I was 17 when we got together and I found myself wondering who I was confused and unable to focus I too decided to fast. I agree the first 3 days were the hardest but then it became a wonderful experience. I fasted for 4 weeks. I lost an incredible amount of weight, at that mark I did start to have problems with my hair thinning I believe because I couldn’t sustain anymore weight loss so I began to eat again. I received a lot of negative feedback about the fast but shared with friends and family to plz not ask me to eat during that time. I had more energy than ever in my lite, all of my medical problems went away. I was unable to have a child after trying with my ex for almost 10 yrs., 6 mos after seperation I was preparing to become a mommy. There are so many benefits to fasting, no one could convince me otherwise! I continue to fast during the month, now it has become a part of my life. Thank you for sharing your story.

  56. dhrumit says

    finished day 3 of my fasting .. feeling great .. my only concerned is i havent had toxic removed from inside …

  57. Shivani says

    Hello. I constantly try to embark on longer water fasts but my will power is so lacking. My mind says lets go eat and i go running to food and my water fasting attempt becomes a failure. How are some of the ways that other fasters avoid temptation to eat? Advice would be much appreciated. Please note that the absolute longest i have fasted is 24 hours exactly.

    • Christine says

      Just completed a 12-day fast (but I drank water with organic lemon or lime juice and stevia and organic hot tea with stevia.)
      First of all, the fast was probably one of the easiest (if there is an easy fast) I’ve done. My mind was made up, and I just kept focused. During the fast, I read lots of fasting books, watch lots of fasting videos, to keep me motivated.
      Once again, I’ve done water only fasts (two 7 day fasts), the water only fasts are very difficult and if you plan on working and carrying on, you may want to consider a bit of a compromise. Also if you get a juice fast under you belt, you can plan on a water fast in the future. The idea is to be successful and that may take a little compromise at first.
      Benefits of my fast included: Healing of my broken neck (I was in a car accident and broke C1 and compromised C2, 3 1/2 hours of surgery and lots of recovery a year later I was having neck pain at night but it’s now gone after the fast.)

      Arthritis cleared up.
      Skin cleared up.
      18 pounds lighter.
      Lots of new energy.
      Able to workout now.
      Race walking, sprinting and weight training.
      More creativity (writing children’s books and poems)

      The list goes on…
      Going into the fast I felt strong and stayed strong for 12 days.

      Remember baby steps in fasting so you get experience and success.

  58. Cherie says

    So the first time I tried doing a ten day water fast, I made it 28 hours. The migraine was excruciating, and I ended up eating so I could safely take some Ibuprofen. This time I made it to day four (or 3 depending on how you look at it. Day 1 I drank 2 8oz glasses of juice.) I am breaking my fast with a smoothie, since I didn’t make it the full 10 days. I decided to quit because my left arm was aching really bad from the shoulder to the fingers. My medical training (basic emt) told me to be aware of possible cardiac issues. I don’t want to die…so I gave in and ate. My question is, when is it safe to eat bread? I don’t want to hurt myself. In the past hour, I have had an 8 oz smoothie (which was divine!) and a 4 oz yogurt. I feel really good. I want to keep it that way. Thanks!

    • Mr. Crumbs says

      Hi Cherie,

      Thanks for commenting ! First of all, I can’t give medical advice – but I’ll do my best to “relate” from my own experiences in any way I can, that may point you in a helpful direction.

      Secondly, I’m glad you stopped your fast – and you listened to your body. Especially after trouble with your left arm.

      Regarding the arm pain: you need to discuss this with your doctor. Your symptoms may have been nothing, or they could be a symptom of a larger underlying issue. During my fasts, I never had any unusual pains – but I also reported to two health professionals daily, because of the unknown.

      Bringing food back into your diet… Let’s see, one time I broke a three day fast with a burrito – let me tell you, that was painful. The 10 day, I started with fresh juices and soft fruits for a couple days, then steamed veggies… Basically, the idea is taking it easy on your gut.

      If you’ve gone 4 days without food, there is a chance your digestive system has shut down, and needs to be brought back to life. If you did well with smoothie and a yogurt, consider a soft fruit like watermelon or steamed vegetables. Take it slow – listen to your body. For me: after 10 days off, I was eating normally again about 5-7 days after.

  59. Johnny says

    I am on day 7 of my first water only fast and was hoping to feel better than I do. I haven’t had any hunger pains to mention though I do think about and look forward to having fruit when this is completed. I am working on a 14 day fast in total.

    My withdrawals / side effects have been a headache and a disgusting amount of sinus drainage. I attribute this to 30 year of sinusitis. I have had a good amount of stomach cramping or pain. I attribute this to 30 years of stomach issues. I have had muscle pain in my middle and low back….reason unknown other than this is a biochemical action which will make my body healthy.

    I read a lot of articles to prepare written by Dr. Shelton and Dr. Fuhrman. The side effects I mention are well documented by Dr. Shelton but remain uncomfortable nonetheless.

  60. jenna says

    I am a regular faster. every few months I normally do one for a period of about seven days, its hard for the first few days, in fact its a killer, you need amazing will power, but I love the feeling of getting to the end, somehow feeling like i am full of energy, and ive shown myself I have got the will power to finish what I have started. I find this also helps maintain my weight without having to live on a constant diet, i enjoy my chocolate and takeway too much, I can give them up for periods but not cut them out. However my circumstances have changed slightly now and I have to drive over 100 miles a day, I am worried that after the indulgent period over christmas the usual drain of the first few days will hit me harder. I am planning a two week fast, im feeling sluggish, my fast is due around now as my last was late november, and im moving house in two weeks, i want to feel refreshed and on top of things… however during the first week of this I am allowing myself a hot chocolate in the morning for the extra boost this is made with water only, low calorie and no added sugar. no food will pass my lips and during the second week, i hope to be on a full water fast. any cheers of encouragement will be appreciated, here goes day one ….