25 Food Substitutions That Will Save You Money

Save money on groceries by swapping out expensive ingredients for more affordable ones with this list of the top 25 frugal food substitutions. :: DontWastetheCrumbs.com

I know you’ve been there.  We’ve ALL been there.

At some point in time you’ve brought home an oddball ingredient listed in a recipe, only to use a tiny little bit.  Then as you stick the rest in the fridge or pantry, you wonder to yourself, “How in the world am I going to use up the rest of this without making this same recipe million times over?”

And then week (or several) later, when that particular item gets moldy or expires, you kick yourself in the foot as you throw the item into the trash thinking, “Well shoot!  There goes $5 (or $20!) down the drain.  What a waste!”

Oh gosh.  I could wish for a nickel for every time I did that, but it really wouldn’t make much of a dent in the money I know I’ve wasted!

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