Top 10 Grilling Tips (from the Man of the Grill)


Written by Mr. Crumbs Summer is  just a couple weeks away, the temperature is starting to heat up, and many of us will be outside enjoying the weather for recreation and with company. If you’re like us, we love grilling year round. But we understand that in some parts of the country, it’s just notClick to Continue »

5 Clever Gardening Hacks


I’ve never proclaimed myself to be a great gardener. In fact, I’m much closer to the other end of the spectrum and consider myself lucky if my three remaining zucchini plants collectively produce just one zucchini for the season. There’s a reason why I grow more food in water than in dirt! Still, I’m allClick to Continue »

10 Foods that Regrow in Water Alone

Foods that Regrow in Water_8

Last year my step-mom one-upped me in frugality by showing me how to re-grow lettuce in water. Seriously?! I had no clue you could even do that! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve been watching my “water garden” grow… and do pretty well I might add! As it turns out, lettuce isn’t the onlyClick to Continue »