DIY Homemade Hand Soap

I love this SUPER simple recipe for all natural homemade hand soap! It uses just two ingredients, is ready in less than 2 minutes and works for both a foam dispenser and a regular one too.  The best part - it's WAY cheaper than store-bought and doesn't contain toxic ingredients! ::

Two weeks ago I had to make a tough decision:

Do I keep the 4 bottles of hand soap I have in the stockpile closet and move them across the country? …OR…

Do I toss them and move the ingredients I had on hand to make homemade hand soap?

OBVIOUSLY, as the title of today’s post already gave it away, I chose the latter… and BOY am I so glad I did!Click to Continue »

7 Kitchen Appliances You Don’t Really Need

7 Kitchen Appliances You Dont Really Need Crumbs

This weekend officially starts the holiday shopping season. That is, if you haven’t already started shopping yet. No doubt, you’ve got some really great items on your wish list… Looking back on my years as a home chef, there are really only a handful of items that I consider must-haves: dehydrator high powered blender standClick to Continue »

The Art of Selling Everything You Own

The Art of Selling Everything You Own

One of the bigger challenges of moving from Texas to California 7 years ago was figuring out what do to with all of our stuff. Each of our 3 bedrooms in our Texas home was fully furnished. There was baby furniture, an office, two dining sets (one in the kitchen, one formal) and a completeClick to Continue »

How to Dehydrate Cranberries

Dehydrate Cranberries - 1

My love for cranberries extends far beyond the sauce (or chutney or jello mold, depending on where you’re from) you typically find on Thanksgiving tables. I love them in scones, in salads and homemade trail mix. I love them in granola bars, in biscotti and even in potpourri! I’ve been known to buy a bag orClick to Continue »