DIY: Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar (using peels and cores)

This incredibly simple tutorial for homemade apple cider vinegar starts with unused apple peels and cores and in 2-3 weeks, makes delicious ACV!  Considering the peels & cores were trash anyway, it's making apple cider vinegar for free! ::

We try really, really hard to waste as little food as possible.

Soft or squishy tomatoes are perfect for homemade ketchup and brown bananas are excellent in Mr. Crumbs’ favorite muffins.  Any other fresh produce that goes uneaten from snacks or meals is tossed into a container in the fridge, and at the end of the week, is added to whatever smoothie concoction we’re making at the time.  Leftover plain oatmeal becomes any numerous flavors of baked oatmeal or a chocolate snack cake.

Chocolate cake, if I get to choose.

But what REALLY makes my day is when those last little bits of food can be turned into something else that I normally buy.  Rinds from oranges, limes, lemons and even key limes are soaked in vinegar to make the easiest all-purpose (and all-natural) cleanser ever, and we haven’t bought a cleaning solution in well over a year.

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