20+ Blended Summer Soups + Cuisinart Giveaway

20+ Blended Summer Soups + Cuisinart Giveaway :: DontWastetheCrumbs.com

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If my house were to burn down, there would be only two kitchen gadgets that I would try REALLY hard to salvage:

#1  High Speed Blender

#2  Stand Mixer

And then last week, I officially added a third.

#3  Immersion Blender

You see, ever since we climbed out of debt and learned to be content with less, I’ve become sort of a “stuff” minimalist.  Having too much stuff makes me feel claustrophobic.

Don’t get me wrong, some kitchen gadgets are really cool. The idea of being able to multitask: making yogurt while drooling of others real foodie “creations” on Pinterest – it sounds like a dream!.  Or even a bread maker to knead, shape and bake for me while we spend the day at the beach or strawberry picking and teaching the kids where foods from.  But instead, I stay home and make my own yogurt with a heating pad and bake my own bread (with the help of #2 above).

And then, came the immersion blender.

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