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  1. Tricia says

    Wow! I’ve paid hundreds of dollars to have moles burned and cut off by a doctor. Not only was it expensive (insurance did not cover due to being elective), but it was painful too. Thanks for sharing this, I’ll be giving it a try.

    • Tiffany says


      I don’t even think we considered the financial impact. It wasn’t bothersome (minus the haircut), so this was merely experimental. Please let us know if you have success as well! ~Tiffany

      • SHARON says


    • Moxie says

      I have been using Bragg ACV for a while to remove warts that I had been trying get rid of for 10+ years. Have also removed “sunspots”(precancerous) from too much exposure to sun, and have been taking it internally with low sodium V-8 to alkalize my body to inhibit any acids that can contribute to cancer.
      Success on all fronts. This stuff in it’s raw form has been used for millenia to cure what ails. I am going to try to make my own from organic red apples just like Bragg does.

      • Tiffany says

        Making my own ACV is on my autumn to-do list as well Moxie. Glad to hear it’s been working for you in so many wonderful ways!

  2. Mary Katherine says

    Wow – this actually works? I’ve read about this in the past, but was too chicken to try it !!

    Tell Mr. Crumbs “thank you” for being the guinea pig. The pictures really help us all see how the apple cider vinegar removes the mole.

    • Tiffany says

      Sure does Mary Katherine! Pretty crazy, right? I’ll pass on your thanks, as I know it was tough for him to show those pictures – I’m glad they helped you! ~Tiffany

  3. Gina says

    Hmmm…do you think this would work for skin tags too? They have been bothering me for years.

    • Tiffany says


      I’d think so. Our manta is always “couldn’t hurt, right?,” but then again, we’re not docs. 😉 Let us know if you try it! ~Tiffany

    • Norma Rau says

      For skin tags, our family has had success with tying a loop of dental floss tightly around the base of the skin tag. Just leave it tied on tightly,and the tag should fall off in about a week, often less than that!

      • says

        For skin tags, a paste made of equal amounts of caster oil and baking soda work well. Just apply the paste and cover with a band-aid.

      • jen says

        I tried this floss method and was in pain for a week before wishing I didn’t do it. I tied a piece of floss around the base of the mole and pulled tightly to cut off its blood supply. The next day, ow ow ow I was feeling a stinging sensation. After putting up with it for a week I tried to untie the floss but I couldn’t. Its been on there for 2 weeks now and the mole never turned black and didn’t fall off. I’m still in pain. Now I’m using the Apple Cider Vinegar method which I hope kills the mole and takes the floss with it when it falls off. I really hope this works!

        • Norma says

          Hello Jen!
          Sorry to hear things are not working as you had hoped. If you read the post about the dental floss, you will read that it is being used on skin tags, not recommended for moles. I think sticking with ACV will be better for moles.

        • Tiffany says

          Whoa Jen! I’m so sorry to hear you’re in such pain! Is there anyone with steady hands who can try to cut the dental floss without cutting you?

          Norma is correct – the dental floss was recommended by others for skin tags, and ACV for the mole. I pray the mole falls off with the dental floss too!! Please keep us updated :) ~Tiffany

  4. Nikolia says

    I used ACV on a wart and it disappeared. But put some kind of petroleum jelly (or un-petroleum jelly) around the area because I ended up having a huge scab around the area from the acidity! That scab hurt more than the wart in the first place…but now they are both gone, so that’s wonderful!

    • Tiffany says

      Great news Nikolia! I think the scab took longer to heal than the mole did to remove, but like you said – both gone and no doctor’s visit needed! ~Tiffany

  5. says

    Wow, it’s crazy that only took 4 days! I think I have read that, but it does help credibility to have the pictures to prove it. Very cool!

    Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Monday! :)

  6. Christine says

    Using this method on my son’s leg. He was born with a very large mole. After the first application, the mole is now flat and shrinking. Quite impressed! The skin should have filled in by itself though for your husband. I’ve seen countless pictures of people who used black salve. After using the salve, they used a yellow salve to fill in the hole. It helps the body to create new flesh. In the end, it’s flat and spotless! :)

    • Tiffany says

      I didn’t know about the salve Christine, otherwise we definitely would have used it. Do you think it’s too late now? In either case, Mr. Crumbs is very pleasant with the results! If we do it again on some of my moles, then a salve is surely in order. 😉 ~Tiffany

  7. says

    ACV is incredible! I removed 2 of my moles and I still want to do more (pesky little things).I guess I should get on it?
    I have to say that at the time of removing, I just wanted them gone, so I burned the skin around on accident, now realizing I should cover the skin with vasline or another sort of protection.
    Another thing is that one of them started growing back! I guess I’ll just do it again when it gets bigger?

    Thanks for the reminder :)

    • Tiffany says


      I’ve heard of some moles growing back… now THOSE are the pesky ones! If we do it again, we’d probably use coconut oil for protection as well. You’re welcome! ~Tiffany

  8. says

    Oh, I’d like to add that ACV works great for hiccups, just take 1/2 tsp. straight should do the trick, I do it all the time,it does take your breath for a split second though… my kids wont touch it :)

    • Tiffany says

      LOL – Audry your note makes me think of how we used ACV to help my son get rid of this awful cough. We had to kinda trick him into drinking it though since he got a nice big whiff beforehand. We told him it was medicine and to drink it REALLY fast so it would work faster. His cautious side kicked in and he ended up sipping the entire 2 Tbsp or so for WAY longer than ACV should be sipped. Then he’d pucker up his lips and consider it a job well done, lol. Thanks for the tip – now I’ll reach for this when they come to me laughing about their hiccups! ~Tiffany

  9. Dawnette says

    ACV also works very well on athlete’s foot. Soak affected foot every day for about 10 minutes — symptoms should be gone in about a week.

  10. Brittany says

    Wow! I’m going to have to try this! I have a mole on my chest that bothers me, especially during the summer when I wear v neck shirts and tank tops. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Angela says

    I have a growth, that is scar tissue. It looks like a 1/2″ oval growth. Dermatologist biopsied it, it was fine. She then proceeded to slice it down with like a scraper of some sort (of course I was anesthetized)babied the scab, etc. She said there was a possibility that it may grow back. Sure enough, it grew back just as before.

    I’m wondering if this may work. Only problem, it’s on my back (shoulder blade area. So relying on my husband for daily application is a bit of a drag. :(

    • Tiffany says

      Aw Angela, that stinks to go through that whole ordeal only for it to grow back. Hopefully ACV will take care of it for you! If you incorporated it into your bedrime routine and did it on a Fri/Sat/Sun, maybe that would be a bit easier? In either case, best of luck. It could be a simple solution and best three days ever! ~Tiffany

      • Angela says

        I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I see on your hubby, that there was a slight depression after the mole was gine. Has that filled back in? Another poster mentioned something about a yellow salve to help fill in, do you know anything about that? I’d hate to have a depression on my back to replace the growth!! You know, summer wear.

        • Tiffany says

          Honestly, I no nothing about salve. His hole isn’t nearly as noticeable when his hair is “normal,” but he shaved extra close so everyone could see it. I have a few moles on my back too that I’d like to experiment on, but like you, I want more info on the salve before I start bearing shoulders. 😉 I’ll let you know if I come up with anything, and I look forward to hearing about your results! ~Tiffany

  12. says

    You’ve got me wondering if it would work on skin tags too. May have to research that. Would be a lot easier than going to doctor and I LOVE the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

    • Tiffany says

      Jennifer – some have suggested dental floss for skin tags? I haven’t tried it myself, but both seem simple and non-invasive! ~Tiffany

  13. collette says

    Hi my cat has ringworm and I wanted to know if you had any natural cures? and I have very bad skin a combination of dull lifeless skin spots and I was wondering if you had other natural ideas

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Collette,

      I’m sorry, I don’t have any suggestions for your cat. ACV can be used as facial toner if you dilute it with 2-3 parts water (depending on your skin sensitivity). I can say that consuming smoothies regularly for quite some time has improved my skin appearance! I hope that helps! ~Tiffany

    • Cindy says

      Vinegar kills ringworm, as well as athlete’s foot as another poster mentioned. Both ringworm and athlete’s foot are caused by a fungus and vinegar kills fungus. My son had ringworm once and after three trips to the doctor, three different diagnoses and three expensive prescriptions, I finally listened to my grandmother. She kept saying it looked like ringworm and I should put vinegar on it. Sure enough, after two days of swabbing the spot with ACV, it cleared right up. I’m guessing it would work for your cat. Side note: I grew up on a farm and we always had plenty of barn cats. We couldn’t afford to get them regular vet treatments so my mom would worm them with cloves of garlic. Makes the critters reek of garlic but we had the healthiest cats.

  14. says

    Since this post, I was inspired to remove 5 of my moles (yes I have many, but it’s not a gross as it sounds), it is taking longer, don’t know why? But is IS working. I am on day 6 and only 2 are starting to turn black half way; they are on my arm pit which is really irritating the skin because of the movement, well the tape is what’s irritating. I slathered honey on my skin for 2 hours (it’s what I do for burns and since it feels like a burn I thought it would work, and it did) avoiding the moles, then washed off and put coconut oil on the sin around the mole. this has really helped, it doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks:) Then at night, I am doing the ACV.

    The others are just beginning to show a difference, but I’m going to keep it up. So, I hope this info helps anyone who is trying and not seeing results right away.

    • Tiffany says

      Thanks for sharing your experience Audry. I don’t know why one would take longer than another, other than each of our own body chemistries are different, and perhaps climate has something to do with it. In either case, I’m glad it’s working. Keep up the good work! ~Tiffany

  15. Stacy K says

    I have the exact same mole on the opposite side!!! I’m going on 30 and every summer, mom tries to hold me down and pull it off, thinking it’s a tick. I have to remind her that as my mother, she should remember its just my weird head mole!! She hasn’t tried it yet this year, so I’m goin to try and make it disappear before she does!!

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  16. says

    As a stage 3 melanoma survivor, I would caution everyone to have a doctor remove suspect moles ( If it’s just a cosmetic issue, this method is ok, but if it’s suspicious remember that a mole could be the fist sign of a problem. Mine started as a mole and melanoma was already in a lymph node. May is skin cancer awareness month!

    • Tiffany says

      Thank you for reminding us Anne – the standard color/size/change issue should always be evaluated in case the mole is more than just an ugly lump. 😉 Blessing to you!

    • says

      Anne, I am glad you made this point. I worked in dermatology for over 11 years. It is really important to have moles checked before doing the ACV treatment, just to be sure they are benign. This treatment looks great and definitely will save money over the surgical route, but better to be certain it is a simple mole.
      As for skin tags – I use a little curved cuticle scissor and tweezers – tweezers to pull the tag away from my skin, and the scissors to snip. Sounds painful – it is just a little pinch and then it is done. If you like, use one of those styptic pens to stop any bleeding. Quicker and less painful than the ACV treatment, but only if you can do it. Naturally, I wipe the area down with alcohol and sterilize my instruments – common sense rules.

  17. cassandra says

    I wanting to remove a mole under my pits it have gotten bigger and irritated when i wear my on my 2nd day of the experiment.really hope it work for me.

  18. ScreaminMime says

    Here is a great way to get rid of spiders:

    Apple Cider vinegar

    1) See spider
    2)Mash spider with vinegar bottle
    3) Use tissue to disgard corpse into trash can
    4) Eat banana… who doesn’t like bananas?

  19. Rachelle says

    I have a mole on my chin. Have had it removed once beforehand by burning it off…yuck! I think I will try this! Thanks for the visuals!

  20. says

    i\ve tried this before, glady i had remove my mole for only a few days applying the acv…
    but i am frightened now because someone told me an incidents about removing moles that it can lead to death..
    i’ve regretted my decision…
    people out there just be thankful that you are given a healthy and good looking face
    and also a complete body…
    just ignore what people says…
    just love your moles!

  21. Catherine says

    Interesting! And for those that have mentioned skin tags, I have successfully removed those with frankincense EO. You need to use the Boswellia Serrata variety though. Apply to it the tag 2-3 times daily, getting at the base of the tag. I had tags for years – really, decades on several – when I came across this online an decided to try it. I had to be careful with the tags on my eyelids, and it would sting for a few seconds, but it worked within a week. That was about a year ago and no sign yet of them growing back (doctors say they tend to do so). Tags usually appear in folds of skin and abrasion triggers them, it’s believed, as well as toxicity. So if you’re changing your diet for the good, they might not come back!

  22. whisperingsage says

    I used ACV to get rid of gallstones. As it turned out, they were happening as a sign of hypothyroidism. But a quart taken over 3 days knocked the worst of them out.

  23. Matt says

    I used canned air to remove a skin tag. I just turned the can upside down, it freezes when you spray. Then I just cut it off.

  24. Matilda says

    I’m gonna try this on a mole that’s not so visible, and if that’s successful, maybe move on to one on my face.

  25. Robin Anderson says

    I am trying the Remove moles with ACV. It is working!!!!! I am in Day 2 and my mole was larger than Mr Crumbs. It was an above the skin mole and my babies used to pick at it. It seemed to be getting larger so I googled how to remove moles and found your website. I am so thrilled!!! I have a couple more that I will need help with cause of the location. But the one I am working on now is in the bend of my arm and it is now just starting to look like the one Mr Crumb had. Thank you soooo much for posting this information. My finances are tight and I can’t afford to run to the Doctor for every little thing.
    Thanks Robin Anderson
    PS Next I have a few skin tags that are irritating. Would it work on that?

    • Tiffany says

      Way to go Robin! You are most welcome!

      I don’t have personal experience with skin tags, but the dental floss trick seems to be popular. I have heard of ACV on those as well, but if it were me, I’d try the dental floss first. :) Good luck!!! ~Tiffany

      • says

        It worked!!!! After 4 days it was gone. I have a tiny pink mark where the mole was. I am working on the one on my back now, but there is not always someone home to apply it for me. So it is taking a bit longer plus it was much larger than the one in the crook of my arm.

        Question: did you squeeze the excess AVC from the cotton ball?

        Because the AVC does tend to irritate the good skin around the mole, I have been cutting the cotton ball down in size too. Thanks again for sharing!!!!

        • Tiffany says

          Congrats Robin! We squeeze just a bit extra ACV so it wouldn’t drop all over his head, but we did our best to keep it as saturated as we could. We cut the cotton ball in half as well. You’re most welcome! ~Tiffany

  26. Mary says

    I have a very ugly mole with hairs growing out of it on the side of my face. I was wondering if acv will have any effect on the hair? If not, do you know of any additional steps or ingredients I can use to help reduce/stop the hair growth with the mole removal?

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Mary!

      Since the hair that once grew crooked in my husband’s mole now grows straight, I don’t think ACV would have any effect on that. I don’t have any experience with hair removal, but I’d imagine it would be easier to manage once the mole was gone. :) ~Tiffany

  27. Kiley says

    Is there still a mark?? I have a smaller one on my cheek and i dont want a dent or super noticeable mark since its so noticeable on my face! :) thank you for this post, very helpful. I really want to try it, I’m just nervous about there being a way noticeable mark on my face. :(

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Kiley,

      We just updated the post with a couple pictures from just this past week. Keep in mind that we’re getting EXTRA close for you guys so you can see how it looks. I can hardly tell it’s on his head to be honest. I have some acne scars from my younger days and his former mole spot looks WAY better than those, if that helps to gauge any.

      Take a brief look at yellow salve when you get a chance. I haven’t researched it enough to post yet, but it may be what you’re looking for to help prevent even minor, tiny scarring. ~Tiffany

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Sam,

      We haven’t tried white vinegar, but I also haven’t seen it used in any health-related home remedy thus far. Their original sources are different, so they’ll have different properties although still both vinegar. Kinda like how cheddar and swiss are both cheese, yet very different. I can’t vouch for anything but ACV, but do let us know if you go down the unbeaten path! ~Tiffany

  28. David says

    I recently attempted this on a couple moles. The end result is that I’m left with two raised bumps which are about the size of the mole, however they are definitely not as raised as the moles originally were. The bumps are redish, and don’t seem to have the pigment the mole used to have. I noticed in the picture you ended up with a hole in the skin… I don’t remember this occurring for me. I remember the mole being drawn out of the skin then popping off. Any suggestions on what I should do to remove this bump left on my skin? I’m not sure if it’s raised due to there still being some mole left, or if it’s raised because it’s a hypertropic scar. Either way I’ve been using silicone sheets to hopefully flatten it… but no results after about two weeks.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi David,

      I must reiterate that we are not medical professionals, and some considers us a little cuckoo for experimenting on ourselves. So, bear that in mind…

      I recently watched some fascinating yet extremely gross videos on black and yellow salve. Apparently black salve can remove foreign growths (cancer, tumors, etc.) and stings like mad. Yellow salve promotes healing and is soothing. If the bumps don’t bother you, I’d suggest leaving them alone. If they do, I’d try another round of AVC first. If unsuccessful, then I’d try yellow salve, only because it’s not suppose to hurt. If neither work and the spot isn’t harmful, I’d just deal with them. I don’t know if black salve would work if the spots weren’t foreign, and if it did, it looked very, very painful.

      If you’re needing a recommendation for salve, this one comes with great reviews (both on Amazon and elsewhere):

      • David says

        Thanks, I appreciate the reply. I too was actually watching some videos on the black salve. It looked a bit too much for me, the hole it created in his face was pretty brutal. I’m probably just going to leave it alone for now and see what it does. If there’s no improvements in a month I’ll likely see if I can get some laser treatment to flatten the skin out.

      • k says

        Hi How excatly do you use it , i have been dabbing in on then puting a plaster on it and it for 2 days and its bigger than before but nothing else am i doing it wrong and how many times do you have to put it on and for how long before you put a plaster on .

        any info you would give me would be great as i dont think mine is working .

        • Tiffany says


          I’m not sure what you mean by plaster, but we used apple cider vinegar every night. It got slightly bigger on day 2, but scabbed up and fell off soon after. It took us a total of 3 applications in 4 days. ~Tiffany

        • Beth says

          A plaster is a band-aid. And K, are you saturating a half cotton ball and holding it to the mole with a plaster/band-aid for 8 hours? Or just dabbing the vinegar on and then putting a band-aid on?

  29. Selena says

    i tried this on a flat mole and it definitely works! but there was a dark hyperpigmentation after the mole was gone. it has been there for almost half a year now :( also, how do we know when the mole is about to scab?

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Selena! Congratulations on removing your mole! I can’t explain the the pigmentation, other than it may just be how your skin is? The scab should form within 3-5 days, depending on how your body reacts to the ACV. :) ~Tiffany

  30. Ashton says

    Great informative article! I’m a guy ( like your husband with the mole on the side of my head ) I’m going to try this method, it sounds simple, easy, and that it works. After day 4 when you stopped using the ACV because of the dark spot, did you use it again at all on the area? And When he got his hair cut for the first time after the mole falling off, did it affect the area? I’m very excited to try this, and use ACV for other uses! Thanks for posting!

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Ashton,

      Nope, once we were done we never used ACV again. His first hair cut had no affect on the area at all. He may have been extra careful, only because of the sensitive skin around the area, but I don’t remember any “complaining” from him. :) ~Tiffany

  31. Carol says

    Hi Tiffany, do you think the ACV would work on those pesky little red dots that appear out of nowhere – they are called cherry angiomas.

  32. Windy says

    Amazing! I just had 3 moles removed today by the dermatologist and decided to google “natural mole removal” and found this! I have several moles that I still wanted removed but didn’t want to shell out the $$ today. What a money saver this will be and probably a lot less painful.

    • Tiffany says

      Oh yes, much less painful Windy! Good luck at home, and come back to let us know how it worked for you! :) ~Tiffany

  33. Eddie says

    I have a small mole (anout half the size of en eraser on a pencil on the band of my neck. Am going to try this tonight and see if it works for me.

    In order to get it removed, they told me it would cost m $400!! Just to use a scalpel and remove it! No way am I paying that much just for a small nick.

    Thank you for posting about this, I will update in ~5 days.

    • Tiffany says

      Holy smokes Eddie! I had no idea it cost so much to have it removed by the doctor. We’re wishing you the best of luck, and looking forward to the update! :) ~Tiffany

  34. Cain says

    Hi Tiffany,

    I have raised mole above my lips and I’ve tried to remove it with garlic, but it couldn’t help. Can I remove my raised mole with apple cider vinegar, and where can I find it to buy? Thanks

    Best regards, Cain

  35. KK says

    Hi Tiffany,
    I love that you answer almost reply! I have a mole that appeared about 10 years ago right underneath my eyebrow. It has grown in size and I consider it gross. I very much want to try the ACV method, but too am a bit concerned about an indentation left on my face. It still would probably better than this hidious mole, though!:) I too love Braggs, though currently have Trader Joe’s ACV in my cupboard. You keep refereing to Braggs having the “mother”. I am wondering what this is. I will give this method a go!! Glad I can do it only at night. Love, love, love natural remedies!!!

    • Tiffany says

      LOL, interacting with you guys is my favorite part. :) The indentation on my husband’s face has noticeably decreased over time. I’ve heard that yellow salve to help it fill in, but we haven’t tried that yet so can’t say that it works for sure. “The Mother” is the cloudy substance – it’s the good bacteria that causes vinegar to form in the first place. Some brands filter it out, but it’s actually really good to keep it in the vinegar since it’s like a bit of concentrated goodness. :) Good luck KK – we really do like to read how the removals go, so please keep us updated! ~Tiffany

  36. Cain says

    Hi Tiffany,

    I will try to find Braggs ACV, but if I won’t find it, will it be ok to use any other ACV, I mean not organic?

    Best regards,

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Cain,

      All ACV’s should work the same when it comes to removing moles, but we recommend organic simply because you’re applying it directly to the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and doesn’t have any built in defense mechanisms like our digestive system does. Non-organic ACV shouldn’t be less effective. :) ~Tiffany

  37. 2Scoops says

    You do not need organic acv. I bought the Kroger brand for $1.29. So far I’ve removed 4 moles.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi there,

      Non-organic ACV shouldn’t be less effective, but we recommend organic simply because you’re applying it directly to the skin. ~Tiffany

  38. Daniel says

    Wow, that was a bold experiment on your part and thank you for your effort into capturing everything in images, keeping track of the effects and posting everything on your blog for us to learn from. Glad that everything worked out perfectly. In the initial pictures it started to look quite ugly to be honest, i thought that would leave a mark of something…

  39. JulieM says

    After reading your post–I tried this on a mole on my forehead. I’ll admit I was nervous about trying it on such a “public” place, but I couldn’t deny your results. After few nights, the mole turned black. A day or two after that, I absentmindedly rubbed my forehead and felt something fall to the floor. I ran to look in a mirror and the mole was gone! The mext day ir felt like a small bump had returned but while washing my face it fell off and nothing has come back! There is no indentation–just flat forehead! I showed my doctor and she didn’t believe a mole had ever been there! This was wonderful. Thank you so much for posting this–I have wanted that mole removed for decades, but I was afraid of the dent the dermatologist would leave behind. Thank you, thank you! And to think, I came to your blog because we love Nourishing Traditions and wanted to hear other experiences people were having with it and now I hove gotten so much more from you. Keep blogging–we look forward to each new posting!

    • Tiffany says

      JULIE! Congratulations on a successful mole removal! How awesome that you have no remnants at all!

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words – it brings such a smile to my face! :) As the journey continues, I look forward to seeing more of you! ~Tiffany

  40. Beth says

    Did it!! I have had a little mole in my armpit my entire life. It has never changed, but occasionally I shave over it and knick it a teeny bit. So, i tried this and it is GONE!!!! Next, one on my back that is right at my bra strap line and is annoying. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

      • Leslie P says

        Selena, did you get a crater from the flat ones or they simply flaked away leaving the skin without a trace of a flat mole?

        • Selena says

          Hey Leslie! For the flat moles, there are no craters, just skin flaked away showing some hyperpigmentation spots. Hyperpigmentation spots are a lot easier to cover with foundation/concealer than a black dot, however, for me those hyperpigmentation spots take a long time to fade and I have like 8 flat moles on my face. Sigh. Best of luck!

  41. Eddi says

    Just wanted to give a quick update on the mole on my neck.

    Not too happy with the result on my end. :(

    Just doesn’t appear to be working for me(After 7 days of doing this)

    • Tiffany says

      I’m sorry to hear that Eddi :( At least you gave it a shot though! I’ve also seen videos using black salve to remove tumors and moles and such. Not easy to watch, but they seem effective. That could be a route if you wanted to continue home treatment. (Know that we haven’t tried black or yellow salve though, so I can’t speak from personal experience – just what others have posted here and my own reading.)

      • Carl says

        I would [b]NOT[/b] recommend using black salve to anyone unless they have cancer, tumor, etc. I would NOT use on a mole though!!! It is very dangerous stuff to use and extremely painful.

  42. Cain says


    is it possible to get rid of redness at the place where the mole was removed?

    best regards, Cain

    • Selena says

      yeah i removed a flat mole and there’s a dark red hyperpigmentation there. i mean eventually it’s going to fade out over time but it will take a very very long time for me. i bought this thing called glycolic acid and it’s supposed to exfoliate the skin so that place can heal faster. i haven’t tried it yet but i hope it speeds up the process!

      • Tiffany says

        I’ve heard of glycolic acid in use for acne, but not in other areas of skin care yet. Let us know how your experiments go Selena. My husband’s has faded significantly now 9 months later. You may want to consider giving it a month or two to see what happens. Maybe it’ll heal sooner than you think!

  43. Cain says

    I have heard about gel “dermatix”, it heals scars, will it work to remove redness? I am going to buy it.

    best regards, Cain

    • Tiffany says

      I haven’t heard anything about “Dermatix” Cain, but if you try it, let us know how it goes!

  44. Bonnie says

    So excited to have found this! looks like an awesome website you guys have here. Gonna try the ACV and see what happens :)

  45. Nick says

    Really like what you’re doing here on crumbs! just have a little question. I’m sitting here reaking of vinegar and I’ve been doing this for a couple of nights in a row on a flat mole on my chest. But it doesnt seem to go any further than it has on the “day two picture” in your guide here. And that makes me wonder if my vinegar is strong enough? It says on the back of the bottle that its 5% “strong” vinegaracid. You think that should do the trick? I couldnt find anything stronger.

    I should add that I couldnt find an unfiltered and/or organic brand of ACV.. Could that be the reason its going so slow?

    Thanks in advance!
    Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden!

    • Tiffany says

      Thanks so much Nick!

      Our ACV says 5% too, so I’m betting that’s industry standard. The filtration/organic variety shouldn’t make a difference in effectiveness (we just recommend organic and unfiltered because there’s no chance for the body to filter out anything bad before absorption).

      The ACV method works for most moles, but there’s always a chance it won’t work too – for no particular reason unfortunately. If I were in your shoes, I’d give it about a week of treatment before throwing in the towel. If you see no difference after that, it just may be one of those stubborn moles that ACV won’t work on. :(

      PS – love that you’re visiting from Sweden!

      • Nick says

        Thank you for the quick reply, Tiffany and Selena! Then it seems that my mole is just a stubborn one :) I’ll continue a couple of treatments more to see what happens. Its a flat 0.2 by 0.2 inches in size so I guess its slightly bigger than average (for me anyways). Is there some kind of “tell” to show you when youve done enough treatments? Cause I guess its not too good to go on for too long since its acid after all.

        Selena, I too did stray a bit from the method described here and did something along your lines. I scratched the mole a bit before applying the ACV the first time since it didnt do anything at all if I didnt scratch it. What kind of bandage did you use by the way? I’ve noticed that my bandages stick fairly hard to the skin, but doesnt stop ACV from leaking inbetween the adhesive and the skin affecting the surrounding areas aswell, and then when removing the bandage the adhesive takes small bits of skin with it because the surrounding skin has been affected by the acv too. Kinda hard to explain, but afterwards it looks like there are tiny cuts around the mole. I tried thumbing the adhesive on the bandage before applying to make the bandage easier to remove, but that only makes it harder to get it to stick without excess ACV bleedin through all over the place.

        Sorry for the long post. But I’m not very good at explaining stuff with short sentences :)

        • Selena says

          Hey Nick! I use the First Aid bandages from Walmart. Lol. Are you talking about like your bandage is too small that the sticky part(the flaps)are partly touching your affected area? I usually put like lotion before I go to bed/ put on the bandage so I let the lotion almost dry and then put on the bandage so there the glue from the handles don’t completely stick on to my skin. I think this is the question you’re asking about?? Sorry if it isn’t. Lol.

          • Nick says

            Hi Selena! Where I live unfortunatly we dont have Walmart. I continued the treatment with a few adjustments. I read on some other source thet they only applied the ACV for an hour or so once in the morning and once before bed. I put vaseline around the mole and then just kinda laid the ACV cottonswab on the mole and it stuck there by itself (cause of the surrounding vaseline and cause it was wet from the ACV I guess). Had it on for a few hours without any bandages. that was a few days ago. stopped applying the acv since it was starting to look like an ordinary scab. and last night in the shower the mole fell right off! 😀 so I too can confirm that ACV works on Flat moles! Mine was around 0.75×0.75 cm2 in size. Its too early to see if it’ll be any scarring but I will try to remember to let you guys know in a couple of weeks! Do you guys have any tips on anything to help the healing process/reduce chance of scarring? anything that can be bought over the counter at the drugstore or something?

            And once again, huge thanks for this guide that made it possible for me to get rid of my mole! This was the first in line to go! But it wont be the last :) Mr. and Mrs. Crumbs, You Are Awesome!

          • Tiffany says

            Great news Nick! Tea tree oil in general helps to speed up the healing process and reduce scarring, but we haven’t tested in on a mole yet. Feel free to be the guinea pig. 😉 This one runs about $13 for 2oz on Amazon, but you can find it locally as well. Don’t let the price tag scare you – you’ll use SO LITTLE that the bottle will literally last you years, and it’s good for any type of skin abrasion/cut. I’ve had mine for 10+ years now and I think I just hit half-way, lol. And you are most welcome!!

    • Selena says

      Hi Nick! I actually removed a flat mole using apple cider vinegar, but I slightly changed the process from what Mr. Crumbs did. I searched up how to remove a mole on google and there were these other websites that had different ways and I decided to try them. What I basically did was scratch the surface of my flat mole with a sterile pin and dipped ACV on a Q-tip and bandaged it on. On the first day you put ACV on the newly scratched mole, there will be a tiny sting, but it will be worth it as by doing this, I only needed to put ACV on my mole for three nights instead of a week. Remember, I only scratched it one time (the first night I put ACV). So after three consistent nights of putting ACV on a Q-tip and bandaging it overnight, by the fourth day, it was slightly red and more black and it stood out among the other moles, but that is normal. So after the third night, it was pretty redish and so for the next couple of days, i just left it as is and let it scab. the bigger the mole, the longer it takes to scab but since mine was small/okay size, it took me three days for the mole to fall off. Reminder, don’t pick the scab, let it fall naturally! So once the mole fell, there was a red hyperpigmentation, but that is at least better than a black mole and plus, it’s easier to cover with foundation than a black dot lol. Im not saying this will definitely work for you cause everyone’s mole is different, but this is just from my personal experience. My moles were like sunspot moles lol. Anyways, best of luck!

  46. Leslie P says

    I am mole heaven – flat, raised…etc. even those pesky blood filled dots..ewww – I inherited it from my mom. By doing this I just hope I don’t get “craters” from them all. Thank you for showing photos of your experiment.

  47. says

    Hi , I have done the acv method and it scabbed up and fell off however just wondering how long until it heals and also is there a chance it will grow back as I used the castor oil method a while ago and it worked but grew back! And do you recommend anything to prevent it from growing back?

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Kayla,

      You can see in the pictures above what Mr. Crumbs’ mole looked like at 1 month and then a follow up several months later. There’s no telling specifically how long it’ll take to heal, but it should be doing better within a week or two like any other wound. As for growing back, I honestly have no clue! It’s kinda as random as to why some moles are extra stubborn. However, no one has yet come back to this post to say they used ACV and their mole grew back… !

  48. Forest Middleton says

    Thanks for the tips I will be trying this on one or more of my moles. Also I have had two kidney stones and I reduced pain and length of discomfort by mixing apple cider vinegar with a glass of water several times a day. It tastes pretty bad but it helps brake the stones down so that your body can pass them easier.

    • Leslie says

      Forest, for your Kidney Stones you can also take a glass of water with 2 large tablespoons of Olive Oil and 2 tablespoons of lemon (fresh lemon). I know this is off the topic of this post…but I just wanted to share that since I get them too and it helps them pass in some people. I also use Bragg’s ACV for stones.

  49. Rachael Perry says

    Apple Cider Vinegar really has a lot of health benefits. I haven’t heard about its effectiveness in treating moles, but I’ll have to look into it a bit further.

  50. Haley says

    I have used Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of warts! I used the same method and it fell off in 2 days :)

  51. Jai says

    Hello, I just have to say thanks for this blog! I have a few moles that have been driving me insane!!!! They just popped up during pregnancy and the one I had before had gotten BIG. I hated them. I tried the cotton ball and tape then bandaid but it hurt my skin and didn’t see much success. I think it was the part of my body it was on the tape didn’t hold well. Yesterday I decided to just use a few q tips dipped in avc and applied pressure while watching a movie. I’d push pretty hard and then re-dip my q tip until it bent and then used a new one. By the end of the movie the mole turned black and flat!!!! (And this mole was rather large. Much larger than your husbands. You could literally grab it between your fingers!) Today I worked on a mole on my side. This one took a little longer, but still only a day. I find that using the q tip works because I’m not making the rest of my skin raw with tape or avc. I would recommend trying this way if you have a weekend and a movie to watch! I am now covering it with Neosporin and waiting for it to scab and fall off. I appreciate your blog. Even though mole removal with avc is all over the internet. This was well documented and why I gave it a try! Thanks!

  52. Austin says

    Wow, it really worked! I surrounded the flat mole with vaseline (but should have surrounded it a little closer in hindsight). The whole area got pretty red after two nights of the method, and took about 4 days to scab over and fall off, but now the mole is basically gone! Just a bit of over pigmentation, but I applied some aloe and hopefully it’ll get lighter with time.

    • Tiffany says

      We did not test white vinegar, but I would not recommend it. I have yet to see any home remedy that calls for white vinegar.

    • Tiffany says

      You’re welcome! We did not, but I’ve that others have. Maybe try it first without scratching, and if nothing happens in 3-4 days give a scratch?

      • John says

        Okay, that’s what I was thinking.

        Thanks again, and I’ll try my best to give an update soon.

      • John says

        Actually, I had another question just as I finished my last post.

        Did you feel a sting when you applied the cotton ball of ACV to the mole? I’m guessing not because you didn’t scratch the mole prior to the application.

  53. John says

    Day 1: After my first night following the aforementioned procedure, I woke up to a lighter-toned mole just like in the Day 1 pictures. :)

    What I also noticed was that the area around the mole was darker the day after. Is there anything I can put on the mole to prevent this?

    • Tiffany says

      Hi John,

      Some people use coconut oil or lotion around the mole to protect the skin. Mr. Crumbs didn’t use anything (not knowing what would happen).

  54. m says

    do you think this works for flatter moles? I only have one mole that sticks up off the skin in a noticeable way, but I have many flat or almost flat moles that I’d like to get rid of.
    do you think it would work?

    • Tiffany says

      Other readers have had success with flat moles by scratching it first. It’s always worth a shot!

    • Tiffany says

      I’m sorry to hear that John. :( Maybe try scratching it? (Although please note that we personally have not tried that yet.)

  55. John says

    Day 4: My mole is black in the middle and has a ring of the yellowish color that Mr. Crumbs had in the picture from Day 2.

    I don’t know if this is normal or not.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi John,

      Perhaps it’s just taking longer than others? I wish I could offer more… it’s been a few days – do you have another update?

  56. Ivan M. Paton says


    Great post!!!
    I am an absolute believer in the benefits of apple cider vinegar for dealing with skin problems. I have been visiting doctors for years and having pre-cancerous skin lesions burnt off with acid, frozen off with nitrogen and zapped off with electricity – they were all painful and expensive. Worse the treatments kept leaving blank little white spots on my face!!!
    Finally about 4 years ago I decided to give Apple Cider Vinegar a try out. I reasoned that it was a weak acid. So I soaked small pieces of tissue and applied it to a couple of problem areas on my face that kept recurring. After 3-4 days it will scab up – just like your treatment for you mole – and then when it gets to that stage I stop the treatment, let it dry and it clears up and the skin returns to normal!!!! I have been successfully cleared up 4 spots that kept recurring for years and the doctors treatments never got rid of it. Apple cider vinegar succeeded where the doctors did not!!!

    • Tiffany says

      Hi James,

      I have never seen white vinegar used in any health remedy so I would not recommend it for removing moles.

  57. Georgia says

    I have been trying this method for about 2-3 days now! ACTUALLY, my mole is almost in the same place on my head, but it is right in my hairline and is by a substantial part of my hair. My biggest problem is I’m having difficulty placing the cotton ball over the mole without getting my hair caught in it! I’ve thought of many ways to try to tape around it and while I can say that my skin around the mole is effectively burning (sunburn style) and I see very slight change in the texture of the mole, it isn’t working as fast as other people seem! I only just now realized that the ACV I’ve been using hasn’t been organic. Though it is naturally made, it is simply 50% apple cidar, 50% vinegar. I had read from other places it wasn’t important as far as mole removal, but maybe I should pick up some organic?

    • Tiffany says

      Organic ACV shouldn’t make a difference, but my ACV reads “organic raw apple cider vinegar. 5% acidity.” I haven’t seen any other ACV labels that read 50/50 like you mentioned, so perhaps it could be the ACV? Or it could be the difficulty with your hair too as you mentioned. I’d keep going. It may not work as fast with the environmental factors, but progress is still progress!

      • Georgia says

        Yes, it was so strange! It was generic, store brand ACV. I didn’t even realize it until last night that it was half vingegar, half cidar! “A and P” brand ACV must be very, very generic, haha! Today I picked up some Bragg’s at the store and the ingredients are drastically different! I noticed that the mole itself is losing color! I’m going to hit the skin around it with some aloe (I checked it today, I thought it was just a sunburn-ish burn, but it looks like I’ve been holding the skin to a curling iron, eek. Blasted ginger-sensitive skin!) and keep going with the Bragg’s! Hair line makes it hard, but the sooner it’s gone, the better!

  58. Kimberly Mauro says

    Hi there! Before I tried this, I did tons of research on it. It seems to be working for tons of people. I have had a few moles removed by doctors in the past. One botched it up so badly, that I have a 6-stitch scar on my hand. I have a few moles on my back, upper legs and one big one under my arm along my bra line. It had a thin “neck” to it (the part that is attached to the rest of my skin) and the brown part was the width of a bit bigger than a pencil eraser and round. Pretty gross and embarrassing since I was a kid.
    It has been 5 days now since starting this. At first, I didn’t protect my surrounding skin. I am burnt all around it. I’m also in tons of pain from this. The mole itself seemed to swell for a day or two, then part of it turned black and scabbed. I guess due to it having a thin neck and big body, it was folding over when I put the soaked cotten over it, so only the outside of it got the ACV. Tonight I put pieces of tissue with ACV on it underneath the mole and then a cotton ball pushing down from the top. I medical taped that down after running the surrounding areas with Vaseline. Oh my gosh. So much pain. Feels like a stabbing pain. I dealt with it. 5 hour later I took everything off (10 min ago) and now the scabbed part of the mole is bleeding!! I don’t know what to do anymore. I was worried because only half of the mole turned black and scabbed. It also seemed to be taking to gravity and bending over, almost as if it was weighed down or that one part was dead.
    At this point I’m just in so much pain that I may wait for a few days. I haven’t seen anyone go through this. I figured I’d mention it because I don’t really know what to do. I don’t want to stop and have a half dead mole or something just hanging there. Any suggestions? I want to continue just maybe when my skin heals a bit.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Kimberly,

      I’m sorry you’re in pain trying to remove your mole !! It’s very likely because the ACV is directly on the skin, whether on the outside or near the neck. Second, if the mole has turned black, it sounds like it is working – even if it’s partially. The odd shape of your mole may be to blame for some of the difficulties in removing it. You may want to consider letting your skin heal before continuing (if you decide to do so), it may be possible that the small piece left hanging will fall off shortly (on it’s own). Remember, we are not medical professionals, and can only relate to you our own experience.

  59. John says


    So it has been 1-1.5 weeks since I tried this method. Unfortunately, the mole has reappeared.

    Should I keep on trying, or will it never disappear?

    Have any other people had the same problem?

    • Tiffany says

      Has it reappeared in full force? It seems strange that something so slow-growing, would be able to reappear so quickly.

      You may want to wait and see what happens, in case the area is just discolored from when you originally removed the mole. The area took a while to heal on my husband. Any questions, check with a medical professional as we are not one.