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  1. Cathie says

    Yep, once – in a box of pasta, and once in a bag of rice. Incidentally, I “store” my gi-normous bag of all purpose flour the same way you do, with the bag rolled down. I keep meaning to get a bucket for it. First, though, I take all I can out and store in sealed Tupperware in my baking cabinet. THEN the rest gets “stored” in the rolled down bag. Then I use the bag first, hopefully dimishing the possibility of it going bad (or getting buggy.)

  2. Carolyn says

    I sure didn’t mean to make you wonder about your storage method. I’ll be keeping mine (25 pounds that I just bought) in some containers that my husband will be bringing me home from work. I don’t need a 2-year-old getting into the flour and making a mess. He did that last night!

    My mom keeps a couple of bay leaves in her flour to keep the bugs from hatching. She doesn’t go through it as fast as I do and I have never seen any bugs in the flour. I’ll probably do that too, just to be on the safe side.

    • Tiffany says

      Oh, it’s a good worry Carolyn. Eating bugs isn’t exactly high on my to-do list! a 2yr old making a mess in the flour? No… never! 😉

      I read the bay leaf thing too, but wasn’t able to confirm it’s reliability. Great to know it works!

  3. Mary Katherine says

    Oh no ! I’m paranoid now. You’ll probably have me inspect every bag of flour and rice from here on out.

    I’ve seen people use those large plastic containers with a seal-able lid… may resort to that next : )

  4. says

    Haven’t had weevils for awhile, but the other day I made rice and there were three tiny bugs floating on top of the water. They were beetles of some kind. Dead. Kinda gross, but I tossed them and we ate the rice. 😉

  5. says

    I’m so glad you shared this information. I had some flour in a canister on my counter, and it had been there for a few months… and I was going to use it, until I saw little bugs moving around in it! I was so grossed out! So then I went to the pantry to get my new, unopened package of flour, and there were bugs in there, too! I threw it out as well and figure out something else to cook that didn’t require flour. My husband said, “Cooking it would kill the bugs. You could’ve still used it.” Ummm ewww! No! I was grossed out! lol

  6. Dennise says

    I have had the weevils in the past, however one thing I am fighting now are pantry moths. I have read that they lay eggs in such places as behind the label on canned goods. I have tried everything mentioned to get rid of them, and yet they persist. I told dh that I was not going to toss my entire pantry full of food, but I know that if I could I would!
    I thought of a bug bomb but there are not designed for small spaces. Grrrr….

    • Tiffany says

      I’ve heard those things are atrocious and stubborn! Are there natural remedies to rid them? Vinegar maybe? I know it repels ants.

  7. Dennise says

    Goodnesss, I forgot to add that I keep my flours in the freezer for several weeks to kill anything that may have tagged along unbeknownst to me. I also keep my coconut, almond and rice flours in the fridge in closed glass containers. I hate plastic!

  8. Tori says

    Oh My. I’ve heard of these little bugs but have never seen them. Now I’m going to be on the lookout!!! Thanks for linking up at Tell Me Tuesdays!!

  9. says

    I don’t have a weevil problem but I do have the famous “pantry moth” which has, at one point, gotten into everything except my flour. The larvae are white worms that look like rice and they have been in my pasta, rice, spices. They bore right through plastic. Even the hard plastic containers! They love anything that has sugar or gluten in them. They turn into little moths. I’ve got them pretty much at bay but they are not totally gone. I know when they’ve gotten into something because there are those nasty webs everywhere. I’ve had to throw out so many things in my pantry. They even got into the peanut butter once.

    You keeping 50 pounds of flour in anything but a sealed glass jar gives me the heebie geebies!! I just keep imagining what’s at the bottom of that bag!!!!

  10. says

    oh yeah … pantry moths. I’ve fought that battle on more than one occasion! Fortunately have not had the privilege to meet a weevil. Yet.

    I quit eating grains. Not because of bugs, just because, and have since discovered I have a bit of gluten sensitivity. I got my daughter almost off grains but still working on hubby and son. Now if I can just get son and hubby to go “primal” then all my bugs in the pantry problems will be solved! 😉

  11. says

    I’ve had the cobwebby devils in my flour and cereal and almost everywhere. It took me years to get rid of them completely. Now I seal everything in glass jars with rubber seals and buy only small quantities. Found you at No Minimalist Here.

  12. Ron says

    I read from somewhere that putting a bayleaf or two into the grains/flour will keep those bugs away so I’ve been putting some on mine and it works. Just thought I’d share that wee bit of info. :)

    • Tiffany says

      I think that’s one of the tips our grandmothers used to do before big glass jars were available at the home improvement stores, lol! Thanks for sharing Ron!

  13. says

    No weevils and never heard of pantry moths but definitely going to try the bay leaf thing and start some research because…. eeeew!

    Thanks for sharing found you at Simple Life Thursday!

  14. Selva Cavazos says

    Here is an old trick my mom taught me and it works. For rice and grains, especially polenta. I put 2 bay leaves in with the grains when I store it. And I have never had bugs. Try it and see.

  15. Veronica says

    I swear by the bay leaves…I scatter them in my cupboards and in my fabric stash after finding the bigger black/brown beetles running amok. Got rid of them & haven’t has any problems for over 12 years!

  16. nicole schooper says

    i had a weevil problem a while ago. I cleaned everything out and they went away for a while but they came back in a few weeks. I searched the web for solutions on how to get rid of them and came across a product called Weevil Away. They have these little adhesive sticky pads that have a natural/organic solution on them. They repel the weevils which sounded like a great idea to me. I’d rather repel them in the first place rather than wait for them to show up and then try to get rid of them. I stuck one in every one of my cupboards and hoped for the best. The smell is fantastic and it’s been almost a year and still no weevils. Love this stuff!

    • Tiffany says


      Awesome job finding a natural solution to the weevil problem – and even better is that it works! ~Tiffany

    • Karina says

      Readers, beware! There are 30+ identical posts from “Nicole” online on pretty much every website that discusses the problem of weevils. “Nicole” is professing her love for Weevil Away on all of them without even a slight change in her message. Sounds a bit suspicious.

  17. Lisa says

    Im actually battling the brown/black flour beetles right now! Its been many weeks since I got some baking mix and they were in that. I didnt realize it so it sat in my pantry for a few weeks and suddenly i began to see the small beetles and occasionally the larvae in the kitchen area. I had no clue what they were and no idea what to do other than call pest control (live in an apartment). That didnt help. they would come, go, and come back again… eventually migraiting to the laundry area and occasionally elsewhere in the food hunt. The weird thing is just about everything we have is in glass or plastic jars, or in bags. Nothing is just out. Once I opened the mix and saw a dead moth fall out of the box and some larvea I knew I had a major issue. I tossed all my grains and restocked everything in jars. My food is clear yet I still see the freaking bugs every day or so in my pantry. I will have to try to bay leaves, I have no idea what else to do. Its driving me nuts even though I know our food is clean from being in jars and I know they dont hurt you. Still its GROSS

    • Tiffany says


      I think the bay leaves will help. Remember that every time you see a bug, there’s a chance that it’s left eggs somewhere you can’t see… which will only perpetuate the problem. I know it’s a pain, but perhaps cleaning out every single cupboard and pantry and wiping down all the shelves will help. Restock with bay leaves inside and out of the containers. Hang in there!! ~Tiffany

  18. Susan says

    Gosh, glad I found this site. I too remember my mom talking about bugs in the flour. This morning I discovered them in oatmeal that I had transferred to a glass canister. From there I found them in the wheat flour, cornmeal, Bisquick and Crusteze. The cereal was clean…for now. This was all in my pantry. I cleaned everything out really good and threw all away, but man they were gross! I will wipe down with vinegar tomorrow. Used soap as I did not know that vinegar is preferred. I put my sugar (still in the bag) in the freezer. Is that ok? Oh, and setting out the bay leaves right now!

  19. Marilyn says

    I found this post when I was looking up bugs in grains, after I had my last straw yesterday! I was cleaning the brown rice I was going to make for dinner, when I found the little black bugs in the rice. Well, upon closer inspection I found the tiny opaque larva wriggling around in the rice as well. That was it, I’d had it! I dumped the entire bag of rice. Glad I found this site. You made me laugh with “Weevil-Infested bread anyone? Yummy!” I’m glad you did cause I was so grossed out!!! I’ve been seeing these stupid little bugs in my rice, and pasta boxes every now and then. The first time, I saw them floating in the boiling water, and like that other lady said, I scooped them up, threw them away and we ate the rice after it was cooked; I didn’t tell the family

  20. Marilyn says

    I found this post when I was looking up bugs in grains, after I had my last straw yesterday! I was cleaning the brown rice I was going to make for dinner, when I found the little black bugs in the rice. Well, upon closer inspection I found the tiny opaque larva wriggling around in the rice as well. That was it, I’d had it! I dumped the entire bag of rice. Glad I found this site. You made me laugh with “Weevil-Infested bread anyone? Yummy!” I’m glad you did cause I was so grossed out!!! I’ve been seeing these stupid little bugs in my rice, and pasta boxes every now and then. The first time, I saw them floating in the boiling water, and like that other lady said, I scooped them up, threw them away and we ate the rice after it was cooked; I didn’t tell the family

  21. Marilyn says

    I found this post when I was looking up bugs in grains, after I had my last straw yesterday! I was cleaning the brown rice I was going to make for dinner, when I found the little black bugs in the rice. Well, upon closer inspection I found the tiny opaque larva wriggling around in the rice as well. That was it, I’d had it! I dumped the entire bag of rice. Glad I found this site. You made me laugh with “Weevil-Infested bread anyone? Yummy!” I’m glad you did cause I was so grossed out!!! I’ve been seeing these stupid little bugs in my rice, and pasta boxes every now and then. The first time, I saw them floating in the boiling water, and like that other lady said, I scooped them up, threw them away and we ate the rice after it was cooked; I didn’t tell the family

  22. Marilyn says

    Sorry, having a little trouble with posting my entire comment. As I was saying, I couldn’t understand where they came from. After reading your post, I am more informed, and will get right on it! Beginning with cleaning out the cabinet, and getting rubber sealed glass jars. One question; Which basil leaves, fresh or dried?

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Marilyn! I’m sorry to hear you have weevils, but glad you found Crumbs!

      Bay leaves are the recommendation, not basil, and they should be dried. Best of luck clearing out those little buggers!

  23. Karina says

    We live in an apartment and I have a hunch that maybe our weevils are coming from somebody else. We’ve had them about a year ago. I’ve cleaned everything very thoroughly, threw out pretty much everything in our pantry and laid bay leaves on the shelves. It was fine for a while, but this summer they came again. I followed my usual drill, except I was even more thorough this time. It’s been a couple weeks and we are still not keeping anything in our pantry shelves. I even went as far as wiping the shelves with a bleach solution. The weevils are still there. I only see a couple a day or so. It’s nothing like when I found a container with oatmeal, heavily infested, nevertheless they are still hanging out in our kitchen and I’m worried to put everything back on the shelves. I’m considering using a repelling spray, as one of the people who commented above suggested, but I don’t know how really helpful it’s going to be. My bay leaves did not seem to be that useful.

    • Tiffany says

      What a bummer Karina! It makes sense to have weevils travel from one area of the kitchen to another, so I guess it wouldn’t be out of the question for them to travel just a bit farther to eat. Perhaps a repellent spray along with talking to your neighbor would be helpful? At least you could either rule them in or out as the culprits.

  24. Kinzie says

    I haven’t found the weevils, but I have had a crazy time getting rid of pantry moths. I ended up buying some sticky traps at Home Depot and between the two traps must have caught 50 or more moths. It was crazy. I bet there are still more in there, too. ugh.

    • Tiffany says

      Whoa – that IS crazy! Gotta look on the bright side though, you found a way to get rid of them that works! :)

  25. Erin says

    I left an old box of hamster food in my closet. I went to go clean my closet and found what I believe to be this bug. I got rid of the food. What else should I do to kill or get rid of them because it happened in a closet and not a food pantry and that was the only food in there. I have found some dead ones but that is it.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Erin,

      If it’s truly weevils, you’ll have to thoroughly clean the area with soap and water. The bugs can go beyond the pantry – anywhere there’s food for them is where they’ll go.

      • Erin says

        I bagged everything up. And cleaned out that part of my closet I am going to work on the other half and I swept up all the dead ones I found. I have not seen anything since but I am checking everyday. I flush the dead ones down the toilet. Hopefully within the next week I will have all of this taken care of. On the day that I found them I cleaned and I found only a couple outside of the hamster food that were alive but barley everything else has been dead.

  26. Kathy says

    I have been having a big problem with pantry moths! I thought I had them licked once, but they are back with a vengeance. I have my sticky traps out and getting fuller by the minuet.
    Now I have a question on all this….I thought that the pantry moth was another phase of the weevil. Is it not? Are they two different things? I have not seen many weevils, but tons of those stupid moths.

    • Tiffany says

      That’s a good question Kathy. I’ll see if I can dig up something for you, but from past readings, moths were not related to the weevil. :(

  27. Beth says

    Can you point me to a good resource for how long freshly milled flour lasts? I keep my whole wheat in a glass container on the counter and mill it about once a week. Maybe I need to start putting it in the freezer. :(

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Beth! I don’t have my book at my side, my I trust this post. It says at room temperature, 2-3 days. In the fridge for 2 weeks, in the freezer for one month. If you’re milling once a week, the fridge would be best. The whole grain itself is good on the counter for a very long time. :)

  28. Amanda says

    There is a reason our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers always sifted their flour, and it was not just to give their baked goods a light fluffy texture 😉

  29. Colleen says

    Thank-you for an informative post (and comments!). I just found a small white wormy looking thing on the top of a bag of flour that I was about to open, and I have now put the whole thing in the freezer. I did look through all the flour and couldn’t find anything else, so hopefully this will be enough. I will sift it before use, too. I’d never heard of this, but I bought a bunch of flour on discount at a store that stopped selling it. Now I’m thinking that their stock wasn’t turning over enough. Oops; I won’t do that again! But thanks to your post, I feel much more informed and I will deal with this as best I can. [I had the flour bags inside of a very tightly sealed container in a room with no other food, so fingers crossed they couldn’t have spread to the kitchen yet.] However, I’ll keep my eyes wide open this month!

  30. Diana says

    Try Diatomaceous earth- food grade!! Not swimming pool kind that will harm you or your pets ,make sure its food grade This stuff is natural ,kills all sorts of bugs ,and you can sprinkle in your food if you need to also good for your stomach ,research this stuff even saved us from bed bugs ,actually was the only thing that worked!!

  31. Bona says

    I have heard that sprinkling borax around on your shelves especially in any cracks/crevices will deter these bugs. Has anyone else hear of doing that? Does it work?

    I just saw them in my cereal this morning…Mine looked like dark brown rice kernels and were floating on the top of the milk. I didn’t know if they were part of my Great Grains or not so I spooned out all 5 and put them on a napkin. They play dead !! After a couple minutes, they started crawling around on the napkin !!! UGH! Bowl of cereal went down the toilet along with the napkin, and now am cleaning out the pantry & pitching the dry goods. Then on to my computer to figure out what they were, where they come from, and how to get rid of them.

    I do have borax in my laundry room, so I’ll use the soap/water, vinegar rinse, borax and bay leaves. In the future there won’t be anything boxed on those shelves – might just have to purchase a second freezer.

    Thank you for any replies plus all the information you’ve posted on this site.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Bona! Can I first just say the comment of “they play dead” had me literally laughing out loud? That was so awesome, yet so gross at the same time! Thanks for sharing!

      As to the borax, I have not heard anything about it in relation to weevils, but I’m sure if a reader has they’ll let us know. Those old home remedies are bound to come out!

  32. Jalon says

    We just discovered a couple black bugs in our pantry, and I hate bugs! I took everything out and put it on my counter in order to clean, vacuum, spray, wipe, vacuum…yuck! I left everything out overnight to make sure there weren’t any new ones on the shelves by morning. I found these bugs HATE light! We immediately found the source because they were all gathered in the Italian breadcrumbs. I checked this the night before and didn’t see any so I was really surprised. There weren’t any on the counter because my kitchen is so bright, they went back to their origin. Threw the container away…took trash out…vacuumed shelves, sprayed, wiped, vacuumed, even vacuumed the edges of unopened boxes of food, and finally cleared my counters of all pantry items. I also threw away any opened package, even if it was just recently opened. I used my phone’s bright flashlight to make sure there are no more crawling and nothing. No movement! Use light guys to find your source quickly!

  33. JoAnn says

    I got pantry moths from dog bones, for my Chihuahuas. When I opened a new box of Iams, they flew out. What a pain they are. They like the ceiling popcorn which they attach to and lay eggs on.
    I have also found them inside my cabinets. So, look thoroughly. They like to settle in.

    • Erin says

      I have found that most of my weevil infestations originated in dog treats or critter food. I always freeze dog treats for a few days now before putting them in the pantry and the dog food stays stored in containter in the garage. I’m getting nauseous just writing about them. I’ve had the wonderful cereal experience to with the floaters when you sit down to eat breakfast. Now, cereals that are super grainy that have flax in them totally play mind games with me. Is it a bug or a grain? I am definitely investing in bay leaves. I never want to deal with weevils again.

      • Tiffany says

        LOL – thank you for sharing your experience Erin! Weevils in cereal… now I’m totally creeped out too! :)

  34. Sandra H. says

    Beetles will be the death of me yet. Started with a package of crackers my brother brought over to snack on during Hurricane Ike and he left them in my home then in a couple of weeks bam. Have been battling them ever since. These suckers can live up to 6 months without eating anything. Just when I think I’ve got a hold on it I find them somewhere else in the house. Right now the bathrooms and guess what no food is in there so don’t know why they are there to begin with. I beginning to think I need to freeze my whole house to get rid of these pesty little creatures.

  35. Adele says

    Thank you for this little article. It answers all the questions I had having recently found tiny bugs the size of comma’s in my flour. I have found no adult sized bugs, so I suspect that per your article there have been eggs in the flour and they’ve hatched recently since the weather has become milder. I usually store my flour with the bag rolled down, but I’ll be purchasing some glass containers first chance I get. I do tend to use some flour up quicker than others, but having cleared out my flour cupboard I’ve found some bags with a best before end date over a year old! I’ve just thrown out all of the infested flour, I’m pretty sure that I’ve eaten some tiny baby bugs over the last week (sorry mummy bug!) and I must admit I’m not too freaked out by it, I’ve lived to tell the tale, BUT from now on no more throwing the flour into the bread machine with wild abandon, more care will be taken.

  36. Mayra says

    Now I am really concerned. My mother said to not leave my coconut flour in the pantry becomes then worms will appear. I would have easily dismissed her claim as one of her crazy myths if it weren’t for the dozens of tiny little black bugs I spotted months ago in another house. In the other house, my pantry was separated from the AC so I always stored my non-perishable food items in the hotter temperature room, including grains (Quinoa, wild rice, coconut flour, chia seeds, and hot cereal). One day, and I have no idea where they all came from, I saw a ton of black specs over the counter and inside the pantry. I looked closely and saw that they are dead little bugs (some were alive and moving). I looked around and found no spoiled food (I only stored my grains and cans in there) so I got confused. But what did freak me out was the fact that a lot of the critters appeared to be after my rice and Quinoa. I became really irked by it and had a strange notion that rice would carry specimen that would soon form into bugs if I didn’t eat them fast enough (my freaked-out mind was trying to make sense of the situation and I became super paranoid).

    Do these creatures become a problem overtime that I would need to call pest control?

  37. Raney says

    I’ve got a good one for you… So to speak! I had been noticing a few flour moths around but I came home a few weeks ago to find my kitchen ceiling covered in tiny white worms!! I very carefully removed and killed each one (I didn’t want them falling just anywhere!) but the next morning there were more. Removed them too and began the search for where they were coming from. One particular cupboard seemed to be the culprit (pancake mix, coconut, slivered almonds, etc., etc.) and all of those things got thrown out and everything else, cake mixes that seemed to be okay, jello & pudding mixes, tapioca flour and even tins of something like corn syrup all got put in vacuum-sealed packages or put in the freezer. Everything got removed from the cupboard and I sprayed with a surface spray that supposedly would kill everything. The next day I had a few live worms in the cupboard and few dead moths. Every day the moths decreased and I saw no more moths. But then I went away for 4 days…. Came home to several moths in the kitchen, hallway and living room. Haven’t seen any more worms and I still haven’t put anything back into the cupboard. But I am wondering about my HUGE spice cupboard and now I am finding the occasional moth in my clothes closet. Do these things eat fabric too?? Any suggestions for what else I can do? It’s been suggested that I spray intensely room by room with a flying bug killer but where are they coming from now!? Any help appreciated. I am in Italy so I don’t necessarily have everything that is available in the USA to deal with the problem.

  38. Farrah J. says

    oh my gosh! I’m currently living in Korea and thought they were just natives here, but i had noticed they were ALWAYS in my dry goods pantry. Now I know! I might just toss everything and start over * they make my skin crawl! I will try the bay leaves, vinegar and everything else mentioned. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Tiffany says

      You’re most welcome Farrah! I’m so sorry they’re in all your dried goods, but readers have had great luck with the bay leaves. I hope these remedies get rid of those bugs for you! :)

      • says

        Trying to figure out what these little pin dot size white looking dots are that I find in my boxed past, and now dishes. When you first look they dont move but seconds after looking at them you see it move.

  39. Stephanie says

    I freeze flour for about a week when I buy it. Then, it goes into a 5 gallon bucket with a gamma lid and bay leaves sprinkled around the edges, bottom, and on top. I’ve never had any issues. I store rice, sugar, and salt like this too. I do have smaller glass containers in the kitchen that I refill from the buckets. Seems to be working. I’ve had a mouse or two but never bugs or moths.

  40. david says

    Edible bugs and weevils is the initial reason I found this site. A “friend” gave me a small container of bugs he said are found in grain. He claims they helped cure cancer and other ailments. He ducked five into his mouth . Showed then to me on his tongue. Then swallowed them with water. I was astonished. But followed his example and swallowed a few too. But I have not been able to d o it again and he hasn’t been over to encourage a second dose . This is a “remedy of last resort” when doctors have given up on their patients who have months left to live. So after reading. These articles I’m concerned these creatures will migrate from the plastic container and infest everything else before I’m able to validate this curative claim my friend is making .

  41. Jean says

    While living in SE Asia, I made the mistake of freezing the food to kill the bugs. I ended up having to sift through every little bit of food to find dead bugs. I got smart and chased them out of the food before killing them. In those countries we didn’t have the option of going to the store to buy more. :-)

  42. Paul says

    We store large quantities (upwards of 200kg) of grains and nuts and had a major weevil problem that resulted in large wastage a while back. We found cleaning out the cupboards well and then sprinkling with tea-tree oil kept them away. Although we now do freeze all grains, nuts or seeds (important to do that in a sealed container to prevent it getting soggy on thawing), we still treat periodically with tea-tree oil and so far, no more weevils.

  43. Tam May says

    Thank you for this article. I was freaking out as I found what looked like it might have been animal droppings in one corner of a shelf in my pantry underneath a bag of bulgur wheat. I had to deal with mice last year in another apartment I was renting at the time, so I did not relish the idea of having to deal with mice or something worse (snake droppings, anyone?) again. But your article makes it clear that all I had were some very dead weevils. I followed all of your instructions in this blog article. I had always read that buying in bulk is cheaper and preferred but I’m now going to stick with packaged grains. Just the idea that some little weevils might have made their way into the brown rice bin and laid their eggs before I scoop it up is enough to make me sick!


  44. Lance says

    First off Thank You for the information you have posted here it will be most helpful in the cleaning of my cabinets in the next few days. I discovered these lil joys of wonder as I was about to start my Christmas cookies an behold I discovered them in new bags as well as old sealed zip lock bags…

    I do have 1 question as to what kind of vinegar is best to use, apple cider or white??

    Thank You again for this post on these critters & Merry Christmas!!!

  45. Beth says

    I went to combine 3 cereals that I had only remnants of and found webs in the bottom of one of the containers …. but not until I had already combined them! I didn’t see any bugs but the webs freaked me out. I am unemployed and really don’t want to throw the food away. Is it safe to eat? You said cooking bugs found in flour would kill them but this is cereal that doesn’t get cook … will the acid in my stomach be enough to kill them? I have heard of people eating ants and crickets … is this similar or are these bugs more harmful to humans?

  46. aunt nina love says

    After returning from travel, found a pantry bug/weevil invasion in one kitchen cabinet. They were thriving on the crackers, flours, grains, etc. Interestingly enough, a bag of unsweetened organic coconut was chock full of DEAD bugs. They were obviously attracted to the coconut, but something in it killed them. Might serve as a good trap for any bugs I may have missed in the clean-out!

    Footnote: my chickens have been feasting on the tossed food and weevils.

  47. Sarah says

    My grandmother taught me to put a clove of garlic in my flour to avoid the weevils. I put my bag of flour in a plastic bag and put a couple of cloves of garlic outside the flour bag so my scones dont have a whiff of garlic though. I do the same with rice. Never had a problem since… However I forgot to do it to my pasta and I found some tonight :-(


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