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How to Make Yogurt

Try making this homemade yogurt recipe, which is easier than you think! It's much healthier than store-bought yogurt, and a great way to control the sweetener. Enjoy it flavored any way you like it! ::dontwastethecrumbs

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Learn How to Make Yogurt with this tutorial using the super easy heating pad method, or even an Instant Pot. You can always adjust the tartness and flavor to your liking!


  • 1 gallon of whole milk
    1 cup whole yogurt


  1. Pour one gallon of milk into a large pot.
  2. Heat milk on medium high heat until the milk reads 160 degrees on a thermometer.
  3. Meanwhile, line the counter with a folded towel and heating pad turned on low.
  4. Line four clean glass jars on the heating pad. Measure 1/4 cup of whole yogurt into each glass jar.
  5. Remove the milk from the heat when it reaches 160 degrees and allow it to cool to no cooler than 115 degrees. Pour into glass jars and stir well to combine warm milk with warmed yogurt.
  6. Cover the jars with two towels, creating an incubation station.
  7. Allow yogurt to culture for a full 24 hours before moving the jars to the fridge to cool.
  8. Enjoy thick, creamy and delicious homemade yogurt!