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  1. earthmomma says

    I enjoyed reading your monthly spending for May. I wanted to share about the poo free thing. First, it takes time to become acclimated to feeling great about poo free. I started with the baking soda water and apple cider vinegar rinse. I didn’t like that. I went back to suave after a week. I tried again but this time made my own hair rinse with warm water about 1.5 cups, 1 tbsp honey(I buy raw) and plain aloe vera gel/liquid about 1 tbsp. I then rinse with two capfulls(about 2 teaspoons)of apple cider vinegar in 1.5 cups of water. I started using my own version of poo every day and every third day use the suave. After two weeks, I couldn’t stand the feeling my scalp got with the suave and ditched it. I then went with just rinsing my hair with my hair rinse every other day to every third day then follow with a acv water conditioning. About once a month I do a deep conditioning with a cup of extra virgin olive oil with and egg yolk mixed in and apply to dry hair. I wrap it in a dollar store shower cap and put my heating pad on my head for about 40 minutes. So long story short is that you can acclimate to getting rid of commercial poos by simply spreading out the time you use them.

    • Tiffany says

      Thank you for sharing Earthmomma! That is exactly what I was thinking. I have short hair, so doing a bun/pony isn’t going to cut it, lol. But maybe if I DIY my own ‘poo, then I can stretch out the commercial stuff until I don’t like it anymore. That’s actually what has happened with most other commercial beauty and food items too, so why wouldn’t it work with shampoo! :) Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. Mara says

    Love this information! Does your monthly budget and meal plan include breakfast and lunch as well? I know you mentioned oatmeal and smoothies, is that typically what you eat and feed your children for breakfast? Thanks!

    • Tiffany says

      Thanks Mara! Yes, our budget includes breakfast and lunch. I include ideas for those in the original meal plan, but I didn’t in this follow up post. For breakfast, we usually have oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, smoothies, muffins or toast. Not glamorous I know, but the kids like it! The type of each depends on what we happen to have in the house at the time. Lots of bananas may mean banana muffins, or a freshly stocked pile of apples means apple cinnamon oatmeal. :)

  3. Laura says

    Hi there! I’m just starting this journey and it’s been interesting so far. I managed to convince hubby to try the mexi lentil pasta. He likes it but we had to dial back the spice quite a bit. Do you have a link to your taco seasoning recipe? I’m guess that mine is far too spicy for this.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Laura! I don’t make my taco seasoning from scratch, although it’s entirely possible. I would try halving the taco seasoning and the cumin and omitting the chili powder (if you included it) to lesson the kick a bit. My daughter isn’t a fan of spicy foods, and I have to do this on occasion myself. :)

  4. Angela says

    The Applegate Farms pepperoni is very good, my family likes it just as well as the normal brands like Armor. Hope you can find it to try it out!

  5. Laura T. says

    I appreciate that you do this each month. I’ve recently begun doing something similar by breaking down each purchase into categories (ie. dairy, produce, etc.) to get a better idea of what I’m spending my money on. We’re working on cutting out all processed foods and slowly animal proteins as well (although I think that will take a while for us). I find myself getting hung up each month on the unexpected needs that throw our budget off. It’s good for me to see that some months you struggle with that as well – just a reminder that we do the best we can:)


  6. says

    Very interesting – thanks for sharing! I get intrigued by low-monthly-spenders but then realize they’re relying on wheat-based products to stretch their budget. I realized we were eating way too many grains/carbs in the form of pancakes, muffins, sandwiches, pasta, etc. and have been cutting back. It can be hard to get creative and stay low-cost with quality protein, fats, and produce!

  7. Carrie says

    I only wash my hair once a week with Shampoo,I use Shea Moisture Shampoo, which has all natural ingredients. I “co-wash” every other day or every day. Co-washing I use a natural Suave Coconut conditioner, run it through my hair (I have curly hair) to de-tangle then I scrub my whole scalp.

  8. Melissa says

    I menu plan a month at a time, then go grocery shopping the first week for anything non-perishable or freezable, as well as anything perishable for the first week. Every week after that I just pick up veggies, fruit, dairy, etc., for that week. It did take a bit to work up to planning a whole month at a time, but it was a sanity saver for sure! At the time my kids were small, so I would do that first big trip alone on Saturday when my hubby could take care of them. Then the other trips only took 15 minutes or so, and I could handle that a lot easier with the kids in tow. I spend less money and time this way, and as a home-schooling mom, I really apreciate that — as well as knowing ahead of time what’s for dinner!! :)

    • Tiffany says

      This is the same method I’ve adapted to, although it’s taken me a VERY long time to get it down to just this. And it’s still not perfect, lol! As another homeschooling mom with young kids, I can completely relate! :)

    • Tiffany says

      LOL, thanks Susan. Raising the budget is a dual decision, and it’s something we’ve considered. We’ve also considered removing the toiletries too, since that would make a large enough difference to likely stay within. For now though, the total stays the same and we’re getting more creative. 😉

  9. Katie says

    We use very few toiletries/paper goods, too (I drip my bacon on a cooling rack, because if I buy paper towels “just for that,” DH uses them for EVERYTHING and they’re gone in three days), but it always seems I need them all at the same time–somehow I need to eke kitchen trash bags, tissues, tin foil, and sponges all out of this pay period. But not buying paper towels, napkins, feminine products, and diapers REALLY helps.

    As for shampoo, I did just buy a shampoo bar from a local soapmaker to replace my bottle of Suave, but since I only shower once or twice a week, whatever I use lasts forever anyway. Hubs is happy with the cheapest bottle on the shelf (though he’s particular about soap and razors). And I don’t wear makeup or use soap on the baby yet, so that all helps.

    My budget buster, every time? The freaking dogs. They need to get jobs, seriously. If it’s not forty dollar bags of dog food, it’s heartworm medicine or shots or flea meds or…. The rabbit is much cheaper, but she still needs food and litter and hay and then the toddler breaks her water bottle…it’s always something, isn’t it?

    Actually, since I started tracking my spending categories per your recommendation, I’ve discovered that other than shots-and-annual-medicine-month, they only account for between five and eight percent of my monthly spending (which includes whatever non-food items we need (clothes, gifts, paper) and eating out, so it’s not just groceries like your budget). It’s just that every trip ends up being big bucks all at once instead of the ten dollars here, fifteen here trickle for the human food. And the dog food bags must be getting smaller, because I used to only have to buy them every six to eight weeks and now I’m getting one every month.

    That was a really long-winded way of saying that your budgeting advice has been really useful! Now I just need to buckle down on sticking to the meal plan, ha. Some of these recipes look good!

    Also, we get Aldi pepperoni for 1.99. I have no idea what’s in it. I personally don’t eat it. And for that price, I really just don’t want to know right now. But the DH thinks it’s comparable with Armor brand, FWIW, which isn’t a lot, since now that I think about it I don’t think you have an Aldi near you.

  10. Lori says

    Hi! New reader here and am enjoying your site! Is The EVOO at Costco good quality? Where can I buy this goats milk soap??

    Thank you!

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