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  1. Joanna says

    We have a local farmer who sells raw goat milk to us for $4.50 per gallon, but this is totally unusual. Just a few miles away it costs $12 per gallon, and that is pasteurized. We like the goat milk, but it definitely tastes better in the spring right after the goat has given birth.

    • Tiffany says

      Hmmm… maybe that’s the difference people are tasting? I’d be all over that price if I was your neighbor! :)

  2. Angie says

    Would you mind sharing more of where you researched for #3? I have a son who has struggled with respiratory issues his whole life, and this really sparks my interest as something to try. Thanks!

  3. Christy Johnson says

    I like goat’s milk too. My in-laws had goats until just about a year ago, and we could always mooch “extra” milk from them for free. When I had to wean my 10-month-old baby, I put her on goat’s milk and she LOVED it. Drank it like her life depended on it. The only reason I switched her to cow’s milk once she got older was the cost of goat’s milk once we had to buy it from a store. I should do some more research on where to find good goat’s milk, as another baby is due in a few weeks and I may need to supplement again.

  4. Melanie King says

    I have two milk goats along with my Father – in – law’s meat herd. They have been a huge blessing to our family and 2 little girls at church who were raised on them after their mother’s milk ran out. They are really more of pets now though I still milk them once a day when their babies are not getting it all.

    We got them originally when our daughter was weaned and seemed to be allergic to cow’s milk, she is actually lactose intolerant so she can’t drink goats milk either, but the rest of our family enjoys it very much. I have never had enough cream to make butter abs have failed at cheese a few times but now I an taking a course to learn how to make kefir and cheese among other things. Goat’s milk soap is my one biggest success. I love it and enjoy making it very much!

  5. says

    Hi there!

    I’m a brand-new reader from the East Coast and a backyard goat farmer myself… I cannot recommend them (and goat’s milk) enough! There’s a couple books that I can recommend for micro-scale goat farming, starting with The Backyard Homestead from Storey Publishing and The Backyard Goat by Sue Weaver. Both have really practical advice for keeping them on very small lots, and as long as you don’t keep a buck, the milk should always be excellent; nearby intact boy goats do impact the flavor. As for convincing the Mister, I have little advice – my husband was a goat person before I was, and we got started with a doe who lived in our house for the first eighteen months of her life (a strategy I do not recommend). Good luck! :-)

  6. nancy s says

    I just got the OK from my hubby for goats. I’ve been pleading for several years now, something always seems to get in the way. Our plan is for next year though. I grew up on goat’s milk. My saint of a mother drove 45 min. each way every week to get me a quart of milk. (I was very allergic to cow’s milk). I think it will save us over the long run vs 5-6 half gallons of organic each week (about $23 weekly) I’m also just very excited about doing it myself. We have hens and raise meat birds 2-3 times a year. It’s nice to know where it came from. Love your blog too!


  7. CW says

    We have several goats on our little backyard farm, and the milk is great. We also make more goat cheese than we could possibly use (my freezer is full of cheese). Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to make butter from goat milk because the cream doesn’t separate like cow’s milk.

  8. Jennifer says

    I am with you. I want dwarf pygmy goats really bad–they are supposed to be good for small scale farming. I could convince my husband because we have a couple of acres and he likes the idea, but we need a fence. We need a garage more than we need a fence or goats, so I guess it’s way down on our list, not happening anytime soon. Darn!!

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