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  1. says

    Have you heard that you can buy those chickens at Costco by the case? If you buy them by the case they are $1.74 a pound. The last time I bought them it came out to $7 a bird which is way better than $11:-) But you need to be able to store them….

  2. allison says

    Hey Tiffany, ive decided to try out your monthly meal plan and Im excited to give this a go! I just had a couple questions on how you personally go about this. When you plan your meals for the month, when do you do your shopping trips? Do you still shop weekly or bi weekly?

    • Tiffany says

      Yeah Allison! I currently shop for about 75% of the month at the very beginning. I buy as much as I know we’ll eat in bulk from Costco, then some smaller things at local shops. I then shop weekly for weeks #2, 3 and 4, but since I already have most of what I need, it’s usually small things like fresh fruits/veggies. :)

  3. Thimblelina says

    I’ve been working on our grocery budget a lot. I do things in 2-week increments because that’s how we get paid. Anyway, now that I see how we spend it I have a better idea of not just a realistic ‘ceiling’ on overspending but also our ‘floor’ so I don’t waste time on unrealistic goals. We budget $150 every two weeks for staples, $150 for meat, dairy & egg proteins, and $110 for fresh fruits and vegetables. We are a family of 4 and we eat home prepared foods for all three meals. We make our own ‘treats’ like cookies or salad dressings, so very little packaged food enters our home.I would say our food waste ratio is less than 5% of what we purchase. We buy about 50% organic/local. We buy a lot at costco. I buy grains etc in bulk packaging at cash & carry. The only time I go to a regular supermarket is to buy a specific loss leader on sale. I get some of our fruits & veg at a Latin market & an Asian market. We eat local fish once a week, which can cost up to $25 per meal. We limit our meat consumption to the weekend, but we all get 7-9 servings of fresh fruit and veg a day. I’m okay with a budget that breaks down to about $212 a week or $53 per person. My children go years without needing antibiotics and my husband & I need no prescription medications to maintain our health. Fresh food is a bargain compared to medicine!

  4. Thimblelina says

    Typo: fruit/veg should be $125, not $110…
    And thanks for the organic chicken by the case tip! I’m going to look for another mom to split that with me since I am currently freezer challenged.

    • Tiffany says

      Thanks for sharing the breakdown of your budget Thimblelina. Your idea of splitting the case is a good one – I thought of it myself, since I’m freezer-space challenged, but I need to find a buddy!!

  5. Thimblelina says

    Thanks! My point kinda rambled… But what I meant was that it was only when I created broad categories within my budget did budgeting become easier. Those are my ceiling numbers. When I get close to that in each category it’s pretty easy to pull back. Some weeks I’m under in 2 or even 3 of the three. Another thing I did was convert my family’s favorite recipes to basic cuts of protein I can always keep on hand. We carve up whole chickens and have breast recipes, thigh/drumstick recipes, and the occasional buffalo wing nite when I’ve saved enough wings. The backs get roasted & turned into brown stock. I cut up tri tips for culotte steaks or leave them whole to BBQ. If I cut a tri tip in half we can shred some or do a stir fry. We cycle through crab, salmon and sole according to the season because those are our three most sustainable wild fish choices locally. The less you buy for a recipe the better off you are. I just splurge for special seasonings or maybe a snippet of an odd or expensive cheese. My pantry is minimal too, the same half dozen or so canned items in multiples, an assortment of beans and rices, Italian & Asian pastas in different shapes. That’s why I’ve never understood the extreme couponers.: When they proudly show off their pantry stash I see shelf acres of inedible cr#p!

  6. Katie says

    We have Warehouse Market, which I’m guessing is similar to Grocery Outlet, but it is really sketchy. Like, not clean, and dimly lit, and generally vaguely terrifying. I’m guessing your GO is in better shape?

    Aldi has been my big savings store, partly because of lower prices but also because they’re smaller and I hate making multiple trips, so if Aldi doesn’t have it, I tend not to buy it. :-)

    • Tiffany says

      LOL, yes that sounds like our GO, but I think ours might be a hair bit “safer.” Although that could just be me used to it. :)

      • Katie says

        At some point I may have to check it out again. But grocery shopping with a toddler (soon to be toddler and baby) is enough work I think I’ll stick to what I know for now! But it’s good to know that even the sketchy stores might have good items.

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