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  1. Sheila Smith says

    I think I’m doing well when I do inventory, compare the sales flyers, and bang out a weeks worth of meals. I can do that in 5 minutes. I don’t have time or patience for this new computer method. I keep a running store list so I always know what needs to be replaced. Need to like to play more and have more time than I do on the computer too.

    • Tiffany says


      Using an online planning system may not work for everyone, but the 30 day free trial is available if you ever want to dabble and give it a whirl! ~Tiffany

    • Tiffany says


      That’s wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing how it works long-term. I can only imagine the ease meal planning can become. :) ~Tiffany

  2. Diane Vigna says

    2 things I love about it,

    1- I have it linked to my google calendar, so I can see what’s for dinner and set reminders to take something out of the freezer and

    2-I have a link on my phone to all of my recipes in case I’m at the store and think of something I want to make

    I have input probably 200 of my recipes from all over the place into this one system and add new things almost every day. It was a bit of work to set it up, but SO worth it!

    • Tiffany says

      Diane Vigna,

      1 – BRILLIANT! The fact that it’s online is amazing. More and more (if not all?) of my recipes are found online. Now it’s as easy as copy/paste without using paper and ink!

      2- BRILLIANT AGAIN! This program alone makes me rethink the importance of smartphones and tablets!


  3. Diane Vigna says


    One other thing I love is the queue and the visual reminders of things I want to make. I’m more likely to try a new recipe if I see it every time I plan a week’s meals than if it’s in a stack of papers.

    love the blog!!

    • Tiffany says


      Thank you! The visual reminder is excellent. Seeing at a glance the recipes you’ve pulled out to try is SO EASY! Drag and drop away and no organizational system required! ~Tiffany

  4. says

    Thank you so much for the review. I was looking for a review, because I don’t want to import all my recipes and then hate the app. Like you I love pen and paper meal planning brainstorm, but I need to a place to store copies of recipes online. And I am so glad that someone said it integrates with Google Calendar. Now I am sold! :)

    • Tiffany says


      It would be such a waste to import your fav recipes, just to end up not using the program. I really like having my favorite online sources available in one spot, and then being able to use them to plan my meals is icing on the cake. I’ve often pulled it up on my Kindle when I couldn’t remember what was for dinner. A few clicks and I’ve got the recipe right in front of me! ~Tiffany

  5. Mindy says

    I recently signed up, but am struggling with the “friend” feature! How do I find you and your recipes?! Thanks!!

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Mindy!

      I don’t use PTE as I did in early 2013, but I’m Tiffany-Crumbs. If you click on “friends” then “add a friend,” you can add me from there. :)

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