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  1. Mary Katherine says

    Cute ideas ! It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of holidays/events – and it’s easy to go overboard in buying things you don’t need. Kinda like a wedding dress – you only wear it once – for pictures – that you hardly ever look at : )

  2. says

    These are great ideas. My daughter just turned three so hasn’t picked up on the idea of picking out her own costume. She’ll go as a ballerina because she was a flower girl ballerina in a wedding a while back. I’m not sure what my husband and I will go as yet though…

    • Tiffany says

      Smart! If the kids like the costume, no sense in buying another. I think I was a black cat for YEARS growing up because I liked it so much!

  3. Babrara says

    I dressed daughter as a bag of Jelly Beans back in the early 90’s. We went to a mall for a costume contest, and she won 1st prize.

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