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  1. j says

    I so wish we had a Trader Joe’s where we live. Sigh, we don’t, nor a Target or an entire list of other stores. Very tiny place. I am glad to hear that someone else has lost their “photo memory” besides me. lol You are doing great!

    • Tiffany says

      Thanks for the encouragement! Do you have a smaller mom & pop catch-it-all store? I’m wondering how I would fare if I didn’t have access to “big” stores. I can almost forsee coupon withdrawal!

  2. Allison says

    What items are cheaper at Trader Joes? We have one about 10 miles away, so it isn’t convenient for day to day shopping, but maybe I need to start getting a few things there! I always thought it was more expensive because it’s all natural and organic.

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Allison! Here’s a few items that are cheaper at TJ’s. My previous go-to store is in parenthesis:

      organic extra virgin coconut oil (amazon)
      sunflower seeds (in bulk section, safeway)
      extra virgin olive oil (costco)
      dried dates & prunes (walmart)
      kalamata olives (savemart)
      sundried tomatoes (savemart)
      feta (walmart)

      They also had several items that were only a few pennies more (balsamic vinegar, gouda cheese), and for all natural and organic, that’s not a bad deal. I hope to do more research this week and write a formal post soon with many more items. Like you, mine is about 10 miles away and not super-convenient, but it’s not out of the way when I have a decent list going!

  3. Lana says

    I’m with you on Trader Joes. My husband loves tortilla chips and I have started to feel weird about him eating all that GMO corn. A 2 pound bag of tortilla chips is 2.99! Their OJ is a great price too. I have to drive 22 miles to TJ but it is so worth it!

    • Tiffany says

      Ooh, orange juice! I actually picked up a bag of their tortilla chips today, to go with the spicy hummus. Worth every mile driven!

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